GeForce Now game streaming starts rolling out Chrome support

If you want to try NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service without installing the app, you can access it now through your computer’s browser. XDA Points out that the notes released for GeForce version 2.0.27 now reveal beta support for the Chrome browser on Windows and MacOS, although some users are reporting that they are still on older versions. As far as other platforms such as other browsers or Linux, they can “work” but are unsupported for now.

If you are a customer in a properly competent group, then simply visiting the website is sufficient. NVIDIA has also added a new + shortcut button to GeForce Now to keep the game right on their desktop, sending links to their friends, as well as support for Apple’s new M1 powered Mac.

GeForce Now was fully launched about a year ago, and has since added game streaming support for iOS via the Safari browser, and is already supported via Chrome OS. However, NVIDIA’s approach differs from other services, as users purchase their games through supported stores and maintain access to them outside of streaming. Purchasing Founder membership gives players access to high quality graphics with RTX, priority access and longer six-hour sessions.

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