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Gears of War 5 is giving "Avoid highlighting or glorifying smoking"

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In 2019, we have already seen a departure from many movies and television shows, it is not the best business in an important video game that decides not to show any of its characters. It is interesting, however, if the game is making a point of it.

The coalition, the developers of the next Gears of War 5 have, through variety, worked with the Truth Initiative (an anti-smoking group) to "eliminate all smoking references" from the game. It's not like the series is famous for the way in which, for example, Red Dead or Metal Gear It is, but still. The decision is made to apply only for Gears 5, but also for future games in the franchise.

The head of the coalition study, Rod Fergusson, says: "I have seen first hand the devastating impact of smoking It is always important for us to use smoking as a narrative device, so we made the conscious decision to avoid highlighting or glorify the tuxedo in "Gears 5" and throughout the Gears of war Universe advancing ".

Fergusson, who has been involved in the series since its inception, clarified the initial Truth Initiative statement with some tweets:

It's not the most obvious series to work with an anti-smoking group, given how little we badociate smoking with gears-Barrick is probably the only character that has been seen even with a cigar, but as Fergusson says, personal reasons can be played at the same time, simply by crunching the numbers of "how many characters are smoking".

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