Gears 5 Boss clarifies the game's stance on smoking and tobacco


Gears 5 will not feature smoking depictions as part of a movement to avoid the glamor of the addictive and deadly habit. Rod Fergusson, chief developer of The Coalition, said in a series of tweets that they have been against the smoking descriptions in Gears "from the beginning."

He noted that the art draft for the character Dizzy from Gears 2 was shown with a cigarette. But in the final game, the character does not smoke. That's because Fergusson came in and came out "I stopped him."

Some Gears of War games have featured descriptions of smoking, but Gears 4 did not smoke and Gears 5 did not either. Fergusson said that while he has control of the Gears series, smoking will never come back.

The Gears of War series was originally created and developed by Epic Games, until the Fortnite studio sold it to Microsoft in 2014 for an undisclosed sum.

Some stories have suggested that Gears 5 at one point presented representations of smoking and then they were removed, but this is not trueSaid Fergusson. He said "there is no censorship" because, to begin with, Gears 5 never smoked. You can not remove what was never there.

People on Twitter commented that this is a strange decision because the Gears franchise is a clbadified series for adults with brutal depictions of violence and alcohol abuse. Why focus so much on smoking? Fergusson said he did it is not trying to be the "moral police" but instead, he wanted to clean Gears of smoking to avoid smoking with glamor and for his own personal connection to lung cancer.

"I did not want to glamoure something that is addictive and kill you," he said. "I was not trying to get a moral police, it just reflected my beliefs after losing my friends to lung cancer, if you had the ability to create a world, what would you change?"

My dad smoked She died of a heart attack at age 38. I was 4 years old.

– Rod Fergusson (@GearsViking) July 13, 2019

According to Variety, the anti-tobacco group Truth Initiative approached the Turner television company, which aired the Gears 5 Summer Series event this weekend, to talk about smoking in Gears 5. According to the report, "Turner collaborated With The Coalition to retire smoking from the game ", but it seems that here something is lost, if Fergusson pointed out that Gears 5 had never smoked, so it could not have been eliminated.

The Truth Initiative has been calling games for its glamorous tuxedo for years. The group criticized Blizzard for putting a cigar in the mouth of McCree, the hero of Overwatch. "The creators of Overwatch may not realize that their choice to represent a hero with a cigar is an influential and potentially addictive and deadly message for young people who play the game," the organization said.

In 2017, the Truth Initiative published the results of a study that claimed that research shows that there is a relationship between exposure to smoking images and the likelihood that young people will start smoking.

The Truth Initiative also released a list of video games for teenagers who claim to smoke with glamor, such as Overwatch, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, We Sing, XCOM 2 and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Gears 5 is released in September for Xbox One and PC. The first technical test of the game takes place this weekend: here we explain how to get there and everything you need to know.

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