Gazelle gets her phone-swap program back two months after discontinuing it

Exchange provider Gazelle exited the online exchange business in February, and now the company says it is changing its mind. Gazelle has once again accepted online exchanges for iPhones, Samsung phones, Google Pixel devices, iPads and other tablets on its website, the company confirms. The edge. The program resumed accepting new offers on April 5, a Gazelle representative clarified.

“Earlier this year, we announced that we will no longer offer our trade-in option on Gazelle. After careful consideration, including feedback from clients like you, we have decided to keep Gazelle Trade-In going. Today, we are happy to say, ‘We are back, baby!’ ”Reads an email that Gazelle sent to potential clients and shared with The edge. “Gazelle Trade-In is a pioneer of the electronic product exchange space and we are happy to continue building on our legacy by offering a simple process and immediate payments for those unwanted devices.”

Gazelle emerged as one of the leading exchange providers of the smartphone age. But its business model did not fare so well when the U.S. mobile phone business underwent major changes, shifting from two-year contracts and direct device purchases to phone leasing and trade-in programs. device operators and manufacturers like Apple’s.

Gazelle announced in December last year that it would end its online phone exchange program on February 1, 2021, although the company said at the time that it would continue to operate its in-person exchange kiosks through parent company ecoATM. Gazelle confirmed in the email sent to customers that she will not get her rewards program back. “We will continue to assess market conditions and inform you if this changes,” the email reads.

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