Gateway PCs are back Engadget

“The Gateway PC brand and its famous cow-spotted boxes have been well-liked in the United States since 1985. Acer is thrilled that Walmart is becoming an exclusive provider of Gateway-branded notebooks and tablets. We are delighted that customers Are in the United States. The states and Puerto Rico will have the opportunity to enjoy the beloved Gateway brand through one of the world’s top retailers. “

Gateway has released 11 new devices in all. The six ultra-slim laptops carry an 11.6-inch device that will price you $ 200, four 14.1-inch PCs with $ 240 to $ 600, and a 15.6-inch option, priced at $ 650. Meanwhile, the brand’s 2-in-1 hybrid is priced at $ 300 and comes with a one-year subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal.

The Gateway has also launched two new laptops designed for gaming and creative projects under the Creators series. As you’d expect, both 15.6-inch Creators laptops are slightly pricier than the Ultra Slims, with the AMD-powered variant priced at $ 900 and the Intel variant priced at $ 1,200. Finally, the Acer-owned brand has also released 8-inch ($ 70) and 10-inch ($ 80) low-cost Android 10 tablets. Gateway plans to launch more laptops in the coming months and expand its offerings with additional products in the coming months.