Gateway is back, and it is selling AMD-powered budget laptops at Walmart

Gateway, the flagship PC of the 1990s with the iconic cow-spotted logo, is back – well. Acer now owns the company and has decided to resume selling Gateway-branded laptops, most notably at Walmart.

As is often the case with Walmart-exclusive laptops, the main attraction is the price. At the cheapest end is the Gateway Ultra Thin series, which starts with a $ 179 11.6-inch laptop with an AMD A4, and extends to a $ 499 15.6-inch model with a Core i5. A $ 199 11.6-inch touchscreen 2-in-1 powered by Intel Celeron processor is also available. The names are not very interesting, but they come in a variety of fun shades of purple, blue, green and rose gold as well as black.

At the high end is the Gateway Creators series, two 15.6-inch laptops meant for media editing and gaming. No funky colors on them – they only come in black – but they look like some decent glasses. You can choose a $ 799 rig with Ryzen 5 4600H and Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU or $ 999 models with Core i5 and RTX 2060. This puts them one step above the Ultra Thin series in price, but they are still quite inexpensive known as manufacturer-centric machines. I think this is at least partly because they don’t seem to have a lot of storage – just 256GB each.

Finally, Walmart is also selling two Gateway-branded Android tablets – the 8-inch for $ 69 and Gateway says the 10-inch is $ 79, but is currently listed at $ 66.50. Both are powered by A50 processors and come in black, purple and blue.

If you want to choose any of these, you can order them from Walmart today.