Garth Brooks responded to Kelly Clarkson by saying that her song helped her divorce

Kelly Clarkson is using music to help lift her spirits amid her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

In fact, a Garth Brooks song, in particular, actually means a lot to “American Idol” alum – “Dance”.

Brooks told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday that he is happy that his music can help him through difficult times. “The fact that she says that as a fan it makes you feel as an artist, ‘Hey, maybe you’re down here what you’re doing is gonna do down here,” he said .

The 58-year-old, on Monday, appeared on the talk show of the country’s veteran, Clarkson. She said she felt “shame and guilt” for ending their marriage, especially when people send books and help her cope in this way.

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“I was just working through it and I could not ease the feeling,” she said, adding that she does not want to “fuck” her marriage. “You don’t want to say, ‘That wasn’t a count or a case,’ but you don’t know what to put into it because it didn’t work how you wanted.”

Coincidentally, she stumbled upon a companion divorced song by Brooks, which made her understand what she was feeling.

“I don’t kill you, I was listening to my playlist, and ‘The Dance’ came up, and I liked, ‘No, this is the thing, this is the thing,” shared the “You Been Gone” singer. “So I really – it’s not like your songs, like rip-offs – I’ve really written this whole thing, clinically for me and it’s actually on my next album…”

Clarkson also sang the hook of the song: “Even though my heart was broken / It was worth dancing anyway.”

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The pop star said she sang “The Dance” “since childhood”, but the connection between the tune and her life was never a “hit” until she heard it again.

Brooke responded, saying, “It’s a great song.” “This is one [characteristic] Of a great song. “

Kelly Clarkson said that ‘The Dance’ of Garth Brooks helped her deal with divorce.
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The talk show host said that she was “mad” when she took solitude in the song.

“It’s true, I think there are many people who pass [divorce], A lot of grief and a lot of loss and a lot of change, especially with children, “Clarkson continued.” So, it was one of those things – all the books were helpful, but it’s very funny, I think because I’m a musician, but I’m listening in my room and I’m [crying] … I get the point. “

She said: “I think sometimes she gets very mad. You don’t know that it’s going to happen. You know this song all your life and when you really have a direct impact on it, you Let it out. “

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“The Dance” was released in 1990 and is still considered one of Brooks’ signature hits.

Fox News’ Nat Day contributed to this report.

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