Garth Brooks has just played on his first shows at N.J. in 25 years and people lost their minds that they love in the field


Putting aside cynicism, Brooks did everything he could to get to New Jersey this weekend, thrilling the crowds with three consecutive electrifying nights (Friday to Sunday) that saw marathons, sets full of hits and performances that fell with joy and conviction. The talented country singer, the Food Network star and Brooks' wife, Trisha Yearwood, also contributed some incredible melodies and the crowd went crazy. It seemed as if these performances had taken 25 years, taking into account the deafening reactions to almost everything Brooks and Yearwood did.

We attended the fried south bonanza of Saturday of two and a half hours, and the exuberance of Brooks on stage; His favorite pose of the song was arms outstretched, head tilted to the sky, screaming "yes"! "In the microphone of his headset – he gave fans the feeling of Night One of his mbadive tour, not of performance No. 384.

In addition, Brooks, 55, was ready for the scene of the great successes In the middle of this roadshow, the best-selling American artist of all time released a new LP called "Gunslinger" in 2016, but only shook two songs from the album: "Baby, Let's Lay Down and Dance" , which opened the show, and the country radio show "Ask Me How I Know", which presents a huge and exciting hook.

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