Garrett Wilson could steal the spring games show for Buckeyes

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Who looks like he could be the player of the spring games?

– David Hall (@ 614Dbuckeyefan) April 4, 2019

Ohio State may want to pump the brakes on the bomber train before it runs out of control. But it's probably already too late for that, given how impressive the flashes in Garrett Wilson have been in this spring camp before he gets on the big stage at Horseshoe for the first time next weekend.

In an environment that favors aerial attack, with little for veteran receivers to receive tests in an exhibition environment and with the undeniable athletic ability of the first members, the table will be ready for Wilson to make an impetuous debut. If, for some reason, there is a chance to bet somewhere in the MVP of the Ohio State Spring game, put a couple of dollars in the Texas goal.

Perhaps that is more praise for Wilson than the open receiver coach, Brian Hartline, would like for a true freshman, as he simply tries to facilitate the rotation for Zone 6. But even Hartline has sometimes been surprised by what the five-star recruit could prepare the Buckeyes immediately this season.

"My best compliment for [Wilson]I told him: You do not act like a freshman, & # 39; said Hartline. "When he first entered, he will tell you it was a cultural change, I mean, the child should still be in high school.

Garrett Wilson-Ohio State-Buckeyes-Ohio State football

Ohio State freshman Garrett Wilson has been going crazy during spring practice. (Birm / Lettermen Row)

"But he's just doing a phenomenal job, whether he's throwing it at Z & # 39; Z & # 39; X & # 39; X & # 39 ;, his mental retention is really good." He really wants to learn from the guys. He's buying into the culture, so everything he's doing right now is on the right track, and I'm excited to see him continue to take small steps. "

The performance against what is expected to be another large crowd at Ohio Stadium will obviously represent another milestone early in Wilson's progress, and there will surely be chances that he will demonstrate what he can do. Whether it's with your old high school quarterback in Matthew Baldwin or Justin Fields's pbad capture, it depends exactly how Ohio State chooses to format the game next week, and that probably should be another reminder that it's a bit premature to do any projection about a glorified game, not to mention Wilson's career with the Buckeyes.

But there was a reason why Garrett Wilson was so coveted in the recruitment process, and he's been backing it hastily since he arrived on campus in January and participated in his first camp in early March. When you arrive in mid-April, expect to see it even more, and for the enthusiasm of its debut season to continue building.

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