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Garmin Speak Plus adds a camera that helps prevent accidents

  Garmin talks to Amazon Alexa

The Speak Plus will look a lot like the original Speak, but a new camera adds a whole new level of functionality and security.


At the end of 2017, Garmin partnered with Amazon to announce the Garmin Speak ($ 148.00 on Amazon.com) an Amazon Echo on a nanometric scale ($ 145.13 on Overstock.com) for the dashboard of your car. On Monday, at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the navigation giant introduced the Garmin Speak Plus, adding a built-in dash camera and a surprisingly advanced driver safety technician to the one-pint package.

Like the original Garmin Speak, the In addition, it allows drivers to access the voice skills of Amazon Alexa with the keyword "Alexa …" hands-free. It also integrates with the Garmin Speak phone application and Alexa's ability to allow destination search and navigation step by step, showing the turn and lane guidance on your small OLED screen.

However, the addition of a camera to the compact package of Speak greatly increases the Speak Plus utility. Like most dash cameras, the Plus logs a video loop from the road and automatically saves a clip when an incident is detected. These videos are useful for documenting accidents and fender-doders. However, the Speak Plus camera can also increase safety and help prevent accidents.

The software that powers the Speak Plus camera allows frontal collision and lane departure warning, advanced driver assistance features that are often found in costly security measures technology packaged in new cars, but can now be added to any car on the road by just sticking a Speak Plus on the windshield.

The frontal collision warning detects approaching cars and notifies the driver when he follows them too closely or approaches too quickly, which can cause an accident. The Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver when he leaves his lane or goes off the road. There's even a "Go Alert" feature that lets you know when stopped traffic starts moving while you watch to control kids, for example.

I felt that the original Garmin Speak was a bit expensive for what it was, but the addition of camera-based security features makes me much more lenient with the $ 230 Plus price tag. Garmin even offers a special discount for those who place the order in advance before February 10, lowering the price to $ 200.

Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa will be available starting in mid-February at Best Buy and, for course, on Amazon.com.

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