GameStop now sells graphics cards

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Given the state of the current GPU market and, well, the PC hardware market as a whole, it would be an interesting business decision for any company to start selling components. But this is 2021, and to the devil all logic; GameStop will begin selling graphics cards.

According to PCMagGameStop CEO George Sherman told investors during a earnings call Tuesday that the The company is expanding its product catalog to include everything a PC gamer would need in a battle station. Despite the company’s decline in net sales for the fourth quarter of 2020—$ 2,120 million compared to $ 2,190 million in the fourth quarter of 2019; the game retailer seems confident that expanding into PC gaming is the right move. Even with the drop in net sales and an overall tumultuous year, GameStop saw an explosion in e-commerce, which helps explain its shift toward selling PC components. But the company will not focus solely on GPUs.

Illustration for the article titled GameStop decided now is a good time to start selling graphics cards

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Sherman said the new PC gaming section of GameStop’s The website will include pre-built desktops, gaming laptops, game tables, gaming televisions, monitors, and much more. The main axis of all that will be in the future, but for now you redirect to a different address where you can get other PC gaming related stuff.

Currently the only way you can search for a graphics card is by typing ‘RTX 3080’ or something similar in the search bar, as PCMag points out. As expected, there is no obvious link to that page because no stock available. But that hasn’t stopped GameStop from publishing local ads with various RTX 30 series graphics cards for sale. (In fairness, the website says an RTX 3060 MSI Gaming X Trio is expected to be available on April 16, but it is priced at $ 690, which is $ 361 above the MSRP.

Intel and AMD processors are conspicuously absent in the PC gaming section, however, even from the search option. That It seems that GameStop is selling everything but the CPU, which is arguably the most important part of the entire gaming PC. You might add processors to your inventory sometime in the near future, but the CPU market is just as tight as the GPU market right now. so it seems unlikely.

It is all very well that GameStop wants to go in this direction, but how does it run the company bots and resellers Remains to be seen. I could go the Micro Center route and require people to buy GPUs in store or just offer to pick them up in person. That will help mitigate resellers, although not entirely; people can still boot a single GPU they bought from Micro Center or other retailer, as we have seen in the past.

Ultimately, GameStop will have to steer PC gamers away from other tried and true retailers, including Micro Center and Newegg, who have carried PC components for years. It seems that GameStop hopes to attract customers by carrying some elusive graphics cards and hoping they will stick for a motherboard or power supply.


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