GameStop, Microsoft, AMC: What the stock market saw today

Here’s what we’re looking for next Wednesday’s bell.

US stock futures slipped, As investors waited for the bumper day of the major earnings report and a meeting of the Federal Reserve.

S&P 500 futures were down 1.1%, while technology-heavy Nasdaq-100 linked futures went down 0.7%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Futures declined 1.1%.

What is coming

Expected income update: Tesla,

TSLA -1.57%

Apple AAPL -0.75%

And facebook fb -2.78%

There are reasons to be close. The electric-carmaker hopes to record its first full-year profit.

federal Reserve Issues a policy statement at 2 pm Chairman Jerome Powell Press conference at 2:30 pm

To see market movers

And then there is GameStop. Its stock again rang the bell, rising 73% in wildly volatile trading. CNBC reported that Melvin Capital, a hedge fund that has posted large losses so far this year, closed its short position on Tuesday afternoon due to stakes against the videogame retailer’s stock. The report created a stir on the online platform Reddit – waging a battle against hedge-fund short-sellers popular among day traders – where some members wrote it was an attempt to pull GameTop GME 102.98%

Share price back down. And Elon Musk re-shared last night with a tweet.Gamestonk !!

show must go on: Another heavy stock, movie theater operator AMC Entertainment Holdings,

AMC 207.56%

Its shares saw more than 350% of Primact Vault.

-Handphone Manufacturer Koss KOSS 91.20%

Has also joined the party, and its shares jumped 109% in the premarket.

– Bed Bath & Beyond BBBY 34.17%

20% ahead of the bell, resumed its upward trajectory. Online merchants pointed to management in early 2020 and the fact that the company was buying back shares as a sign that the share price would continue to rise.

– Microsoft MSFT 0.02%

Shares are 2.1% premarket. The profit and sales of the software giant made the leap, driven by epidemic-fueled demand for videogaming and accelerated adoption of cloud-computing services.

– Boeing BA -4.68%

Shares plunged 3.3% after the aircraft manufacturer reported its biggest annual loss and suffered heavy financials on its new 777X jetliner, reflecting the worsening toll of the epidemic.

– Abbott Laboratories ABT 1.20%

The shares added 1.5% premarket followed by a heartfelt profit growth in the latest quarter as demand growth for its Kovid-19 diagnostics services contributed to higher revenue.

– Starbucks SBUX -5.13%

The 3% premarket slipped after the coffee chain reported that sales fell during the holiday quarter, but showed signs of recovery, especially in China. Its operating head, Rose Brewer, is heading off to become CEO of Walgreens WBA 8.93%

Boots Alliance, where she will be the only black woman to lead a Fortune 500 company. Walgreens shares climbed 5%.

A Walgreens Store in Tomball, Texas, January 16, 2021.


Jeff Lautenberger for The Wall Street Journal

– AT&T 0.23%

The shares fell 1.3% premarket after the loss was reported in the fourth quarter as it charged $ 15.5 billion on its pay-TV business.

-Chip maker Texas Instruments TXN -3.53%

According to Wall Street estimates after Tuesday’s close, shares fell 1.7% despite the top stock closing both in quarterly results and outlook.

Market facts

According to research by UBS, the flow of retail orders has reached 20% of the total US stock market, twice in 2010.

Day chart

GameStop shares have become a favorite of online merchants who are trying to make money by purchasing options.

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