GameStop is offering payment plans for the Xbox Series X and PS5

Gametop customers will be able to pay for their PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X this holiday season. According to internal documents obtained by VentureBeat, the new payment options include a latest option, a third-party installment plan and a rent-to-own process. Expanded payment options were confirmed in GameStop’s quarterly earnings report on 9 September.

Here’s a quick overview of the three main payment options:

layaway: You will be able to reserve a console at the store until you pay it in full, allowing you to contribute small payments at once.

Installment plan: Gametop will offer installment plans with third-party payment services including QuadPay and Curlna, which allow shoppers to pay their purchases in four installments over six weeks, at no additional charge.

On Your Own Responsibility: In an internal memo, Gametop said it is working with a “reputable third-party partner” to offer a rent-to-own option for multiple items, allowing customers to “product with minimal upfront money” To take it home and pay for it. One to 12 months. You will also retain the option to return the product at any point.

Shoppers can also opt for Microsoft’s Xbox All Access plan through GameStop. Available for both Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox All Access allows you to pay over a 24-month period, costing $ 35 per month for Series X and $ 25 per month for SS X All Access Also includes Xbox games. Ultimate Pass, and because of that perk, it’s actually cheaper to opt for the All Access plan than to buy the console and subscription separately, giving you $ 59 on the Series S and Series X. Xbox Series X and Series S save $ 19 on premiere. On September 22, you will be able to sign up for Xbox All Access.

Unfortunately, no such payment plan has yet been announced for the PlayStation 5; In fact, at this point, all we know about the PS5’s limitations is that the first round will only be available from PlayStation’s own store on a particularly invite-only basis. We do not yet have a price and do not even know when the PS5 in stock or which third party retailers will have it. However, we can learn more during the new PlayStation 5 showcase on 16 September. But in a year where so many people have lost their jobs or COVID-19 has reduced their wages, a variety of payment options including Xbox All Access is definitely a positive thing.