GameStop is closing another 100 stores

Illustration is closing another 100 stores for an article titled GameStop

The image: GameStop

Back in march, struggle Retailer GameStop Announced It will close at least 320 shops during the year. That number has now jumped “Between 400 and 450 stores ”.

As Cnn Report good, The company announced last week, along with CFO Jim Bell said it would stop Allow us to serve our customers more efficiently and profitably ”, in addition to the 400-450 closures this year, there are already more closures planned for 2021.

GameStop was struggling for years anyway, and that was before a global pandemic and hit Kept millions out of their stores. Throw a fast The digital landscape for software sales, and the fact that both Microsoft and Sony have digital-only consoles launched this year – depriving the game of initial sales, but more importantly, trade-ins and pre- Sales too.And the future certainly does not look healthy.

The company currently has more than 5100 stores worldwide.


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