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GameStop expects the Nintendo switch to have a great 2018

  nintendoswitchlogo "title =" nintendoswitchlogo "height =" 344 "width =" 655 "data-item =" 1094289 "/></figure><p> Nintendo Switch had a great record year in 2017. And GameStop expects a bigger one to be released by 2018.</p><p> More specifically, GameStop expects the Nintendo switch to make a lot of money again on GameStop.</p><p> 2017, the console Nintendo's hybrid was one of the biggest revenue drivers, according to the US video game and consumer products store.In the latest and most recent financial quarter, hardware sales rose an impressive 44.8 percent year-on-year, which apparently was led by everyone and his cousin buying the Nintendo machine and its games.</p><p> Only in 2017, hardware sales increased 28.3 percent, and while the PS4 and Xbox One are still selling quite well, particularly the First, they are not selling. the cause of that peak. The switch is.</p><p> All that said, during a recent financial call from GameStop, the Nintendo Switch naturally emerged. More specifically, an investor wondered if the console's excellent rate of attachments will continue to increase as more systems are sold and become wildcards for the consumer. To which, GameStop CEO Michael Mauler replied:</p><p> "Yes, I think it's a good question with Nintendo, I mean we know something about what happened with Wii U. I would definitely say this is a completely different platform What we saw in the past … We have software visibility, so last year was a tremendous year for the software, as well as for the hardware between Zelda and Mario Odyssey and all the games that had really driven a lot of hardware sales. , as well as software.</p><p> I think that this year when we look at the list of titles, many of which have not yet been announced, this year also seems very, very strong, so I think, at least, by 2018, we will continue to see a strong installed base of software in the hardware and increase the rate of attachments.We still have no visibility for 2019, but by 2018 it should work that way. "</p><p> Interestingly, Mauler mentions that, as in 2017, 2018 has good software for the Switch. However, he also subtly added that many of the titles have not yet been announced. This seems to imply that maybe Mauler knows what the unannounced games said, and apparently confirms that there will be significant note titles announced at some point in the near future.</p><p> What those games will be, remains to be seen. One of them is surely the mystery <em> Super Smash Bros. </em> game, but what else has Nintendo up its sleeve? My guess is that we will discover that E3 will come this June.</p><p></p></div><p> .<br /> <br /><script async src=
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