GameStop annoys PS5 restock decal customers

GameStop is trending on Twitter, and several tweets include complaints about angry PSUs about the recent PS5. GameStop has done several PS5 toilets this month. It also has several Xbox Series X’s. And these restocks have provided many genetics and Xbox gamers with next-gen consoles ahead of Christmas. However, a lot has gone wrong for the retailer. Not only are the bots and resellers continuing to supply, but orders are being canceled. In other words, even if you beat bots, beat site crashes, and beat millions of PlayStation fans while trying to secure an order, it can be canceled for several reasons.

Additionally, it appears that GameStop supplies may not fulfill their orders. Customers are reporting that they have been told they were meeting the week before, not showing up, meanwhile, in some cases, retailers are telling customers that they will not receive their console until April 2021.

Been a bit tempted. And it is also a mess for other retailers including Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon. However, right now it is GameStop which is trending on Twitter, and this is partly because users are making GameStop jokes about incentive checks, but also because to vent their frustration on social media platforms There are many angry GameStop customers.

Cancellation started


Did GameStop cheat customers?


Customer service no help


Should have gone with Walmart?





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