Game of Thrones video game tycoon died in suspected poisoning. China

Shanghai police have detained a person in the case of suspected poisoning death of the rich founder of the video game company.

Lin Qi, 39, on Christmas Day, eight days after being taken to the hospital with “acute symptoms of illness”, according to his company, Yuzu Games Company, is known for Game of Thrones: Winter Coming Strategy Game. The producers of the upcoming Netflix adaptation of science fiction hit The Three-Body Problem.

Shanghai police said the hospital determined Lin had been poisoned. Police said they detained a 39-year-old co-worker with Lin’s surname Xu. The police statement stated that Xu was a suspect, and that he was “detained according to law while the related investigative work was carried out”.

Yoozoo initially said that Lynn was stable and improving, having died on the Friday before the announcement.

The company is one of the producers of a new Netflix series based on the three-body problem trilogy of Liu Nixin’s novels. First published in 2008, they have become popular worldwide. Lynn, Yoozoo’s president and chief executive officer, was named as co-creator of the series alongside Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and DB Weiss, Variety reported.

According to the Hurun China Rich List, Lin, who founded Yoozoo in 2009, is believed to have total assets of around 6.8 billion yuan (£ 770m). The news of his death was viewed about 300m on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

Citing industry sources, the Caixin Media Organization said the arrested suspect may be a former Yoozoo director involved with a motion picture assistant working on The Three-Body Problem.

On Friday Yoozoo posted a tribute to Lynn, which the staff signed. “You saw what was incomplete but still believed in beauty; Faced with dishonesty, but still believed in kindness, ”it said. “Together, we will continue to be kind, continue to believe in beauty, and continue to fight against all who are unkind.”

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