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Game of thrones: this track reveals how Dany could die at the end of the series

The end of the Game of Thrones series (Season 8, Episode 6) will arrive this Sunday, May 19th. HBO is not revealing much about what to expect, since both the episode 6 trailer and the photos show practically nothing of what you might not have taken on. But finally the main character, Daenerys, will find his end in the last episode of the show? Read on to see a possibility that was right in front of our faces in Episode 5, but that many viewers went unnoticed.

With Daenerys Targaryen completing Mad Queen in Season 8 of Game of Thrones, Episode 5, "The Bells", the question on everyone's mind is simple: Who can stop Dragon Queen in the last episode of the series?

Will Arya kill Dany, fulfilling the final part of Melisandre's prediction of "brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes"? (Dany should have purple eyes, based on the books, but the eyes of the actress Emilia Clarke are, in fact, green). Will Jonah kill Dany for his crimes during the Fall of the King's Landing, and assume his rightful role as king? Or will something more surprising happen, a turn that involves Varys and her little birds, which seems extremely likely in the light of some quiet scenes at the beginning of Episode 5?

This is what everyone overlooked when we were absorbed by the execution of Varys, the Dany massacre between the little ones and Cleganebowl (the drum was real): Varys and his young spy, Martha, were trying to poison Dany before she cut His plans.

In the opening scene of the episode, Varys was writing letters very clearly explaining the true identity of Jon Snow, probably to send everyone with a pair of eyeballs in Westeros to justify Jon taking the throne. Although he is still doing this later in the episode when Gray Worm comes for him, it is not clear if he actually sent crows; if he did, it happened off the screen. My money is in itself, but that is irrelevant, for now.

When one of Varys' "little birds", Martha, enters the room, they have a brief exchange in which Martha tells Varys that "she is not going to eat" ("she" is probably Dany), and Varys responds that "try again at dinner". Martha believes that Dany's soldiers are watching her, and Varys tries to reassure the girl by reminding her that great risks generate great rewards. At the end of the scene, Varys sends Martha back to the kitchen, where she apparently works.

"The greater the risk, the greater the reward." What is the greater risk than trying to poison Queen Targaryen?

It is a movement very similar to Varys; the Master of Whispers is always plotting, and frankly, his bow this season has felt unusually silly. His plan was to approach Jon and Tyrion directly, and if they did not, would he simply die? That is not the spider that we used to know. But openly defying the queen, a classic, albeit risky, misdirected, while he secretly plans to poison her from the shadows? Now that is more appropriate.

However, that's not all: there is another scene that hints at the plan of the poison, and could even give us a clue how Dany will fall in the end.

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When Varys hears Gray Worm and the impeccable marching down the hall to his room, he burns the letter he was writing and removes the rings. The camera remains in an extreme close-up when one of them rotates briefly, takes it out and drops it into an empty chalice on his desk. The rest will follow soon.

This could be nothing, or it could be all: when Olenna Tyrell poisoned Joffrey at her wedding, she took out the poison, appropriately nicknamed "the strangler", from Sansa's necklace, which had been handed to her by the fool Dontos at Littlefinger & # 39; Do it, and drop the fake crystal into Joffrey's glass, where it presumably dissolved and became undetectable.

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Approaching the Varys rings and illuminating the image does not reveal any visible blue crystal. In fact, the ring that we have the best looks seems to have represented Varys' loyalty to the queen of Targaryen; it seems to be this ring from the official association of jewelry retailer Mey with the show. The retailer calls it a "loyalty ring" and their site states that Varys, Tyrion, Jorah and Gray Worm have worn one since season 7. It was designed to look like a dragon thorn. By taking it off, Varys is symbolically losing the symbol of his loyalty to Daenerys.

But Varys remains loyal to Jon, who now knows that he is also a Targaryen. Although we did not see the obvious blue poisonous crystal when Varys removed all of its rings, the program seemed to focus on its elimination long enough for it to be important in the final. That maid, Martha, may still be hanging around, and the death of her master at the hands of Dany might inspire her to keep trying to fulfill her last wish: to see the Dragon Queen dead, regardless of the method.

Just in case, I'll be on the lookout for any sign from Martha at the end of Game 8 of Game of Thrones.

Photo: HBO / Helen Sloan

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