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Game of Thrones fans could not see the end in China due to the trade war

game of Thrones' The end of the series was broadcast all over the world last night, which allowed the fans to close almost everywhere, except in China.

Thousands of Chinese users who rely on the Tencent video streaming platform were outraged to discover they could not access the latest episode. A message saying "problems of the medium of transmission" appeared instead of the end, according to the Wall Street Journal. An HBO spokesman told the daily The network did not have problems with the transmission of the episode, but the Chinese government did not allow Tencent to transmit it due to the current commercial disputes with the United States.

Fans in China can not broadcast game of Thrones it is just another example of how increasingly tense trade disputes have been between the United States and China in recent weeks. Above game of Thrones' The weekend is not broadcast, this weekend also saw Google withdrawing the Android license from Huawei in response to a request from the US Department of Commerce. UU The department names several companies that must obtain approval from the US government to buy technology from US brands.

China has accused the US government UU To have "extravagant expectations" for a commercial agreement, according to a Reuters report. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang insisted that the trade talks failed between the United States and China because the United States tried to "achieve unreasonable interests through extreme pressure." Trump, on the other hand, said it was China's fault that the agreement would fail, saying Fox News In an interview that aired on Sunday. that the United States and China "had a very strong treatment, we had a good deal and they changed it. And I said: "Okay, let's apply tariffs to your products".

Fans can not see game of Thrones It may not seem like a major problem compared to other consequences of the US trade negotiations with China, but it is an example of how everyday people are affected. game of Thrones It is one of the most popular shows in China, with the season seen more than "550 million times in the Tencent video during the most recent season", the daily reported The episode came to piracy sites, but still can not be transmitted through Tencent Video.

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