Game # 41 of Oakland A: Ramon Laurenio beat his former Team A, Houston Astro 3-2

Oakland A’s outfielder Ramon Laurenio and Houston Astro have struggled a lot this summer, but Loriano got the last laugh on Wednesday, or at least most recently.

The center fielder hit the left gap in the bottom of the 9th inning, breaking a tie and giving Oakland their walk-off win in their closest bout in the All West Division.

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Laurenio was originally drafted by the Astros in 2014 and then traded in a minor deal for the A’s before blossoming into a star. Tensions between the two sides have increased this year, as Houston has hit them off the pitches four times, with one of these pegging induced a bench-clearing crawl, resulting in a four-game suspension for Lawrence and a 20-game The fine has been imposed. The Astro coach who instigated it. On Wednesday, Laureano got a chance to clap back in a meaningful fashion – the standings.

Oakland got into an old habit in the game, kept quiet against the opposing starter and then waited until the end of the game to make a comeback. He had not scored his first run until the 7th inning, on a game-tying blop double by Tommy La Stella, which showed that it was good for someone who could approach the RBI position rather than strike – when Anything you can contact. The ball slipped from the Astro outfielder’s leg while he tried to take a slipping catch, and bounced far enough to ensure that both runners would score all the way from first base, including catcher Sean Murphy.

On the other side of the ball, A’s starter Jesúz Lujardo threw seven strong innings, allowing a pair of singles but nothing else. Joakim Soria and Liam Hendrix rip each in a scorched frame to end it, with Hendrix scoring a win instead of a save to defend a tie in the top of the 9th.

Mars Ball

Wednesday was a strange day in the Bay Area, as the smoke of the surrounding wild animals rose so densely that it blocked the sun and gave the whole sky a pale-orange color.

The comparison of Tatouin is not quite right, however, as that imaginary planet has two suns and a common sky. Probably some relatively close to home.

Or, sometimes with ashes falling from the sky, I accept from top to bottom as well Strange things. But we are sticking with the Mangal Katha for this iteration.

Lujardo’s interplanetary duel

Not only was the game taking place on Mars, but space-themed Astro duly rival. Luckily, Jesús Luzardo Planet was up to the task of representing Earth, firing seven strong innings to hold Houston.

Even though Luzardo spent most of the night lagging behind the scoreboard, he at least kept his team within striking distance, which was later revealed when they finally arrived. Lefty allowed a pair of homers, but they were each single shots as they rarely placed anyone on base.

Luzardo: 7 IP, 2 runs, 7 Ks, 1 BB, 2 HR, 4 hits, 100 pitches (60 strikes)

There were some loud voices, and the housemates could have been more damaging with worse sequencing luck, but overall it was out of a quality and we all expected to see more than the budding potential ace.

Despite that strong line, however, the score was 2–0 Astro when Luzardo threw his final pitch. It was not until the bottom of the 7th that A made his move.

La steller

As I’ve said many times, the reason I’m excited Tommy la stella Does he almost always make contact, but without sacrificing the quality of his batting balls. In a lineup filled with a lot of swings and memories, a little bit of chili may be the right ingredient to help drive in some runners who leave in scoring position.

The plan worked to perfection in its own way on this night. After laying five goose eggs against Houston rookie Louis garcia, Pitching in his second career MLB game, Oakland eventually went on to work against the Astro bullpen. In the 7th, the punks Vimal Machin And Shaun Murphy Each draw moves to set the scene. Then, with two outs on the board, La Stella came up and always did what hit the ball somewhere.

It wasn’t great contact, just a soft bloop down the line to the left, but it found its way into No-Man’s Land in a way that a strikeout could never do. Left fielder Kyle tucker A slide went in, but it only made things worse, as the ball bounced off his leg and swiftly went away from him. Both runners scored and the game was suddenly tied.

Oakland was not able to continue the rally further, but they kept their point. Someone else had to score to end the game.

Laser revenge

When he began his suspension for a feud with the Astros, Ramon Laurenio had an .859 OPS and was one of the A’s hottest hitters. Since returning, he posted a .203 average and .680 OPS in 17 games entering the evening. However, he got some revenge on Wednesday.

With the score still tied at the bottom of the 9th, Oakland started their final rally the same way they were in the 7th – for free. Murphy went again, and Tony Kemp was hit by a pitch to allow the winning run to score with someone in scoring position. The next two batsmen hurt on the fielder’s choice, but came through Loreno. He drilled a second pitch that he saw left-center that would normally have been a double, but in this case he only needed to reach first base to complete the play, while the winner leisurely throughout the plate Practiced.

This is A’s fifth walk-off of the season, and is the third of Lario’s career – every year since 2018.

Set the stage for the crown of division

The AK’s now lead the Astro to 5.5 games in the AL West, with 20 games left to play. If Oakland can win the series finale on Thursday, they could actually overcome Houston and more or less lock the division – not mathematically, but realistically.

The final competition will start the Oakland leftie scene against Estras Rigi Jose Urquidy at 12:40 pm.