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Game # 3 Review: Toronto Maple Leafs 3 vs. Boston Bruins 2

After experiencing a thorough beating in Game 2 and receiving some bad news before the game about the suspension of Nazem Kadri for the rest of the series, the Toronto Maple Leafs got an excellent response in Game 3 to take the lead in the series for the second time. the Boston Bruins.

Your game in ten:

one. As much as they miss the Leafs. Nazem Kadri In general, I do not think they really miss the appearance of having someone get involved with the Bruins in the pranks after the whistle. Kadri's advantage in that regard is admirable, but it is not natural for many of his teammates and he has almost no one to join him in the fight.

After his last act of the series, after Patrick Marleau ran into the strut and went after Jake DeBrusk and committed his offense worthy of suspension, Zdeno Chara jumped him. Nylander, his closest teammate, moved uncomfortably on his skates and stared at the ice until everything exploded (okay, it's not his thing). Actually, the other Leaf players for whom extracurriculars are natural are Zach Hyman and Jake Muzzin.

Anthony made a good point in a previous notebook in which the Leafs were more or less in this "intermediate" space in which they were almost committed to the pranks after the whistle, but also sought help in the refs. Tonight, in addition to the referees made a clear effort to impose more penalties to control procedures, the Leafs were limited to playing hard between the whistles and did not leave their comfort zone. That is probably the best. It is an advantage for the Bruins when the exhibitions begin.

two. Speaking of Jake Muzzin, I really liked your game tonight. Part of the reason he had a weakness for Roman Polak was not because he was an especially good defender; it was just that the Leafs clearly lacked an element that he provided on the blue line. Muzzin can provide the same punitive style of defense and do it against the best six of the opposing team while recording important minutes. Muzzin knocked down Pastrnak three times in this game and was solid moving the puck.

In general, tonight, the idea of ​​having constant passes in Pastrnak seemed to be part of the game plan; Morgan Rielly, too, was giving Pastrnak (as well as DeBrusk) some extra shots and shots, while Hyman also placed him in the neutral zone. Pastrnak was really running in the Leafs in Game 2 and he's not a tough enough guy for the Leafs to defend him. The Leafs put him on his back a couple of times in this game and it seemed he was feeling the negative effects. These investments are added in a long series. In general, the physical response between the whistles was quite good on the part of the Leafs.

A nod to Zach HymanIt is showing in that sense, too:

3. Morgan Rielly he had a discreet physical game, also with some really strong moments in his face to face, as well as some great low profile successes (he is often overlooked as one of the team's strongest physical specimens). This was probably his most active game so far in terms of jumping offensively as well, although he is still showing a little more moderation in the playoffs compared to the regular season; he wants to push the play without getting into trouble and has chosen his places well (a good balance of green light / red light). Rielly finished the night with six goal shots to the head.

Four. John Tavares It has been exactly what was announced in terms of providing a credible Bergeron center that can effectively control half the ice and go face to face with it in the battle circle (63% head-to-head). When Babcock mentions that Tavares has improved defensively this year, something he has said several times in recent months, a lot has to do with the way he is scouring through the neutral zone, as well as improving the defensive position in the zone and the readings. (It also helped him to have such a defensive end as Mitch Marner, relieving some of the pressure of always being the first man).

The upper line of the Bruins loves to look for the play where they change the puck and find the far side forward through the neutral zone, and Tavares does an excellent job here of staying above Bergeron and cutting the puck in an area where the The leaves can return immediately to the offensive.

More of his work in that confrontation of Bergeron:

That was a very tight pass for the 3-1 power play goal by Andreas Johnsson (incredible hands in tight). This is why they paid him.

5. As in Game 1, the fourth line of the Leafs was a catalyst in this game despite the limited minutes and was again headed by Trevor Moore. Marlies fans will not be surprised at all by Moore's game so far in this series; he really consolidated himself as a player who raises his game in the postseason in his career in the Calder Cup; The second and third effort are in his DNA and he plays with a lot of courage besides the rhythm and the set of skills he brings to the table. Tonight's performance again showed what a good fourth line can do in the playoffs when the other lines play with each other (mostly) even at 5v5.

In addition to Moore's goal, this was a remarkable change where they were posted on the top line of the Bruins for a spell:

6 In Moore's goal, Tyler ennis I made contact with the body in the defense, lost the first puck battle, reviewed it, reviewed it again and was able to turn the record over. Those were the extra efforts we saw a lot from him in the regular season and it was a welcome addition to the lineup tonight.

It will not happen, but personally I would like to see Ennis tested with Nylander for a few turns; Brown and Marleau do not offer as much as linemates for Nylander to make clever plays on open ice. Probably, Moore has first earned his eye on Ennis and would also bring a different dynamic if he moved up on the left side, but again, I do not expect to see it soon.

The Nylander line was the only one remarkably underwater for the Leafs in this game with 33% CF at night.

7 It was like a switch to Andreas Johnson once he took that power play assist in the 2-1 goal of Auston Matthews. He had fought in the series until then and was not much better in the first period tonight (he was really struggling to try to complete the plays). In some ways, it's been the story of Johnsson's season: he's really ridden the roller coaster of ups and downs in his first full year in the league. Sometimes, you had to check the game sheet after the last beep to determine if you had played that night; in January, he had a run of three consecutive games without an archery and played less than 10 minutes twice. He finished that fall without firing when leaving a four-point game against Philadelphia.

Congratulations to him for seizing the opportunity in Kadri's absence by assuming as the man in the middle in the power game; He is pretty good there when he is in his game until he slips through the cracks and crawls under the branches in front. His final for 3-2 (eventually winner of the game) was extremely well taken.

8 Three openings, three magnificent games of Frederik Andersen. This is a short and simple point, but it is the most important key of the series from the perspective of Leafs and so far, all good. He has significantly exceeded his work at this time of the last series through three games. The biggest save of the night was the empty spot in David Krejci with three minutes remaining.

9 Just when you thought that a player could not provide much more in all the situations that Mitch Marner It was already for the Leafs, he goes and presents two huge shot blocks in the final moments of a one-goal game to secure a big playoff win. You can not launch the comparison lightly in this city, but the tones of # 93 are undeniable.

10 In general, Mike Babcock's evaluation after the game was good: this was the first game in the series in which both teams played well. There was a great pace in the game and there was very little space out there, as both teams were sharp in their execution. That the Leafs find a way to win through their fourth line and the game of power, while they remain in the big confrontations, is a very good sign. It is also Auston Matthews take off the playoffs off his back after six consecutive postseason appearances without scoring (along with just one assist). The Leaf now have a golden opportunity to maintain the service at home, take absolute control of the series and give themselves two opportunities, both in Boston and then at home, to conclude the series.

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