Galician looks slow in Crown tundra expansion

Time to investigate another Galician Slovoc development. After September 29, 2020 Pokémon Presentation about crown tundra expansion Pokemon sword And ShieldThe official website was updated with some additional details. Among them is a page for Gallerian Slowking, which you can get after downloading and searching in the developed form add-on.

Unlike normal Slowking, which is a dual psychic and water-type character, it is a poison and psychic-type. It still wears a shalder on its head like a crown, just like the normal version, but has a more ominous appearance and is considered a “Hexapert” Pokémon.

There is a new ability and step to go with this version of the character. When you send the Galician slow in a battle, anxious healing begins. If it is a double battle with another character around you, then any state changes that occur due to opposition to the characters’ moves or abilities are removed and your friend’s stats return to normal. The new trick is Psychic Erie Spell, which cuts and damages an opponent’s most recently used move with 3PP.

It is important to remember that the Galician Slovoc develops in different ways than a standard one. In normal games, people can level it or use a King’s Rock to trigger a slobro or slow speed development, you need special items in it. Pokemon sword And ShieldDetailed. We do not yet know the Gallerian Sloaking method, but a Gallerian slobrow was needed for the Gallerica cuffs made of Gallerica twigs found on the Isle of Armor.

Here are some earlier screenshots of the new Slovak shared on the official site.

Pokemon sword And Shield Are available for the Nintendo Switch. The Crown Tundra expansion will launch on October 22, 2020.

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