Galaxy Tab Active 3 continues to push as Samsung prepares to launch

With the Galaxy Tab Active 3 seemingly on the verge of being released, Samsung acquired the final product certification required to retail it internationally earlier this week. So, while we had known about its existence several days ago, things are already happening very fast. After discovering its Bluetooth SIG verification, we can now confirm that this rugged lineup of Android tablets has also received approval from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

WFA certified all three known Galaxy Tab Active 3 models, also known as SM-T570, SM-T575 and SM-T577. Public records suggest that these will differ mainly in terms of wireless connectivity; The SM-T570 will only offer Wi-Fi support, while the SM-T575 will complement it with LTE functionality. Finally, the SM-T577 appears to be the 5G variant of the device. All three will run One UI 2.X based on Android 10.

Samsung doubles on rugged Android devices

The entire range was already rated for differences with Bluetooth 5.0 devices, although the latest Wi-Fi standard – 802.11ax, AKA Wi-Fi 6 – will not be part of the package. It is not surprising that Samsung started implementing it in its latest flagship last year, starting with the Galaxy S10. There is still no word on pricing, but if the 2017 Galaxy Tab Active 2 family is any indication, expect a starting price of at least 500.

If you’re not in the loop, Samsung has been growing steadily on rugged mobile devices in recent years, so much so that it also sees them as key to resolving Brexit. While the jury is still out on its ability to navigate European politics, you can count on them to reach the shelves of American stores in the following weeks. There would seem to be many suggestions of recently published FCC certifications.

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