Galaxy S10 leaks and Amazon robot safety vest

Here we go again.Fuga Galaxy S10 suggests an alignment with three variants.

Evan Blbad prolonged phone leaks tweeted a family photograph of the Galaxy S10 that supposedly shows three versions wrapped in cases. From left to right, you are apparently looking at the S10E, S10 and S10 +. The Plus seems to have a double hole punch in the front, while the rear cameras have a multiple lens alignment and a different account to the four-camera Galaxy A9 that Samsung launched last year. All must be revealed on February 20, one way or another.

It should protect soft organic products.Amazon made a vest to prevent robots from hitting humans

TechCrunch reports that this Robotic Tech Vest points out to the robots that a human is entering a space to avoid any kind of collision. Amazon is implementing the device to improve security as the use of automated systems increases in its warehouses.

Using OS could definitely use the help.What does Google get out of buying Fossil's smart watch technology?

Google has always believed in the creation of "a diverse set of devices" for its smart watch platform. Fossil's ability to produce model after model of what was essentially the same device, except with different designer garments, makes it an excellent combination for that vision.

The perfect fitA closer look at the Nike & # 39; s Adapt BB basketball shoes with automatic lacing

So, why would someone need shoes that fit? Edgar Alvarez put on the $ 350 Adapt BB to find out, testing not only the automatic adjustment but also the manual controls of the shoe and the ability to adjust using the application for smartphones.

At this time they are ready for basketball players who may need to change the tension as their feet swell during a game, but FitAdapt technology could also make life easier for people who can not tie their own shoes. For now, however, they are at the height of being much more comfortable than HyperAdapt 1.0 last year.

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