Galaxy Buds Pro will have its own version of ‘Spacial Audio’

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro looks like they will ultimately be the company’s proper rival for Apple’s excellent AirPods Pro. Now, thanks to an early leak in Samsung’s own app, we’re taking a closer look at their features, including the Galaxy Buds Pro and a new feature similar to Apple’s “Spatial Audio”.

Seen in the Galaxy Store ahead of schedule, the Galaxy Wearable app that Samsung uses to control its various smartwatches and earbuds has a new update that shows the Galaxy Buds Pro what they are capable of.

Like with Galaxy Buds, +, and Live, Samsung has many presets available in the app, as well as customizable touch controls, the ability to read notifications aloud, the “Find My Earbuds” option, and many more. There is also a section for noise cancellation, although this is slightly different from what we saw on Galaxy Buds Live. Instead of a simple toggle, there are the latter, closed and “ambient sound” options that give out sound through the microphone.

What’s new for Buds Pro? Three key features. First, there is the “voice detect” feature. It detects when you are speaking and reduces the amount of media when turning on the audio playback so that you can have a brief conversation without removing an earbud or pausing your music. Samsung is also adding a left / right sound balance feature for people with specific hearing problems.

However, perhaps most strikingly, is a copy of Apple’s “Spacial Audio” feature for the Galaxy Buds Pro. The feature, which is available on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, can create a Fox surround sound system, which changes the direction of audio depending on the direction of your head and the position of the phone. This is a neat idea, but it comes with a major requirement. Samsung will only enable this “spatial audio” competitor to work when the Galaxy Buds Pro is connected to a Samsung phone on Android 11.

Listen to vivid, melodious sounds coming from all directions so that you feel like you are right in the scene when you watch the video.

The application has also leaked three renders of Buds Pro, all pictured below. It is expected that Samsung will debut Buds Pro in January with its Galaxy S21 series smartphone. So far, no pricing information has arrived early, but these will likely end up on the high end of Samsung’s lineup. Buds + typically sells for $ 149 while Buds Live sits at $ 169. The reason for this is that Buds Pro will reach $ 200, but there is nothing to back it up yet.

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