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The game was launched in Japan on January 28 for Switch, on February 12 for PC

Official website for Iti Crete‘ new Gal * Gun Returns The game announced on Friday that the planned Xbox One version of the game had been canceled. The English announcement on the franchise’s Twitter account also stated that the game would no longer be released for the “Xbox family of consoles”. The game was originally slated for only Xbox One in Japan and both Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in the West.

The announcement explained that Iti Crete Developing the game with the aim to “reproduce faithfully” the original playing experience Thaw gun sport. However, when evaluating and discussing the Xbox One version MicrosoftThe developers decided that they could not ensure a consistent gameplay experience across all platforms.

Iti Crete On Tuesday, the second introduction to the game began watching the trailer. The video has English subtitles.

The game will launch in Japan Nintendo Switch on January 28 and via PC Steam On 12 February.

PQube will release the game in English via Switch and PC Steam There will be a physical and digital release of the Switch version on 12 February.

The game will receive a birthday suit collector edition, which includes a 100-page artbook, a set of three soundtrack CDs, six metal pin badges, a 10th anniversary collector’s coin, six art cards, a cover art insert, and “a pair”. safety goggles.”

PQube describes the game:

As the franchise turns 10 next year, what better way to get West into the game than to start it but never leave Japan, in all its brilliant remake form: Gal * Gun Returns ! It is time for our loyal Gal * Gunners and our new fans to experience the roots of Gal * Gun and its many undiscovered panties!

Gal * Gun is the gripping story of a young man who becomes “super popular” with the opposite sex and is now living the “unfortunate” life of being every woman who sees how to accept his love for her. But he must steel himself and lock up these lovers with his ‘special weapon’ (known as pheromone shot), as he tries to win the love of one of the main protagonists. Gal * Gun is an insane combination of arcade-style shooting action and dating sim that is virtually nonexistent.

PQube released first Gal * Gun 2 for Nintendo Switch and Play Station On 4 April 2018.

Update: The article stated that the English announcement announced that the entire Xbox family of releases had been canceled. Thanks, eijhu

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