Gal Gun Return Canceled on Xbox One after ‘Gal Productive Consultation’ with Microsoft

Super sexual shooter suffers from ‘continuity issues’

Developer Inti Creates has announced that it is canceling the Xbox One port of its upcoming remaster Gal Gun ReturnDespite the development being completed on the Microsoft platform.

In a statement posted on Twitter yesterday, While Inti Creates said Gal Gun Return The fully-fledged master ROM is up for review, with ongoing discussions with Microsoft deciding to completely cancel the Xbox port, saying that the developer can no longer “ensure continuity of experience” across all platforms is”. Hmm …

Gal Gun Return The infamous 2011 rail shooter is a remaster Gall gun, Who sees the player’s move into the role of a male student – armed with a barrage of “pheromone arrows” – on his quest to hook up with his dream gaol. To achieve this milestone, the protagonist must fulfill the obsessive desire of an entire school full of girls, bringing them to a state of “excitement” with well-placed “ecstasy shots”.

While Inti Creates remains vague (slightly) with its comments, it’s not at all difficult to read between the lines of what happened here – especially given that the original Xbox 360 version Gall gun A Microsoft-decrypt patch was released to restrict camera controls.

As far as Inti Creates is concerned, Gal Gun Return Still scheduled for launch in the West on February 12 on PC and Nintendo Switch. Pre-order customers will bag the limited edition “Smells Like a Girl” bookmark. Lordy.


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