Gabe Kapler, manager of SF Giants, claimed ‘mental screw-up’ in 10th inning

The San Francisco Giants fell 12–7 to San Diego Padres after the 10th melodown of the extra innings Thursday night, with a Tyler Rogers transplant and an embarrassing Gab Kapler brain fart.

Rogers, who was lit by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the season opener, was charged with five earned runs and failed to earn a 10th in the side after retiring side in the 9th. His ERA is now at 20.25 in the youth season.

With Rodgers struggling, Kapler went on the field to replace him with right-opener Rico Garcia, but seemingly ignored the fact that pitching coach Andrew Bailey made his trip to the mound. Was completed. Under MLB rules, if a pitcher finds two mounds in the same innings during a given batting, the pitcher has to face the batsman until the batsman retires or reaches base.

The umpires then ordered Tyler Rogers to retake the mound against Padres catcher Austin Hedges, who immediately put in a successful squeeze bunt that was brought on in the second run.

After the game, Kapler claimed responsibility for “screw-ups”.

“It was just a mental screw from my side,” he told reporters. “I’ve been around the game for a long time and I just had a lapse in memory in the dugout. We were talking about a lot of different things and I got out there and went and He got it and obviously it was just a mental screw up on my part. That’s all I wanted. It’s my responsibility. “

Kapler had a similar bullpen mood during his first season as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, when he called a reliever who was not warming up to enter the game, and was later chewed by MLB .

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