G.Skill enters liquid coolant with its brand new ENKI AIO Series Cooler

G.Skill has announced its debut in the liquid cooling market with its new ENKI series AIO Liquid Coolers. The lineup comes in three flavors starting with the base 240 mm model and going up to 280 mm and 360 mm designs. G. Skil has stated that these coolers will be available in 2021 through its global distribution partners.

G.Skill enters liquid cooling with its brand new ENKI AIO series cooler, which comes in 360, 280 and 1mm flavors

G.Skill, known primarily for its memory kit, has been expanding its portfolio for some time now. The company offers a range of SSDs, power supplies, and gaming peripherals. G.Skill has now entered the liquid cooling market with its ENKI line of AIO liquid coolers. In its presser, G.Skill promises to maintain a high level of quality as you can expect from its products in these high-performance liquid producers.

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Custom-tuned convex cold plate and stair-shaped high-density micro-fin design

To achieve high-performance cooling and maximum contact with the CPU, a custom-tuned convex cold plate to reduce heat travel distance from the CPU through the NKI series AIO liquid cooler thermal paste and into a solid copper cold plate Uses the design. On the other side of the cold plate, ladder-shaped high-density micro-fins are used to better guide coolant intake-outtake flow for efficient heat transfer to the cold plate and coolant.

High flow rate coolant tubing and high density radiator piping

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In order to quickly distribute coolant between the cooler head and the radiator, a high flow-rate coolant tube with an internal diameter of 8 mm is chosen for the task. Each cooling tube is constructed with thick rubber walls for low coolant evaporation and fastened in nylon-braided for durability.

The radiator is designed with high-density piping, which increases the surface area to facilitate effective heat dissipation from the coolant and in the wings for effective cooling. Specifically, the 360 ​​mm and 240 mm variants are designed with 3 ~ 4 more radiator pipes than typical radiators, while the 280 mm variants have 6 more radiator pipes.

High static pressure 9-blade fan and low thermal resistance thermal paste

The G.Skill ENKI series AIO liquid cooler is equipped with high-performance 9-blade hydro-bearing PWM cooling fans, selected for their high static pressure to maintain constant airflow. Included within the accessory pack is a tube of server-grade thermal paste that features ultra-low thermal resistance, enabling quick heat transfer from the CPU to the copper cold plate.

Customizable ARGB and Product Availability

Each G.Skill ENKI Series AIO Liquid Cooler is equipped with a 3-pin ARGB motherboard connector, which allows customizable RGB lighting through the motherboard lighting control software. Available in 360 mm, 280 mm and 240 mm, the NKI series AIO also comes with a 5-year limited warranty. This product line of AIO liquid coolers will be available in 2021 through G.SKILL distribution partners.

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