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As we spend more time at home during the Kovid-19 epidemic, you can look for ways to zooz your location. Bobby Burke, interior design guru on Netflix’s “Queer Eye”, says there’s one home item that’s definitely worth spending a little extra: your mattress.

According to Burke, your mattress has the most impact on your health, your mental health, your back [and] Getting through the day, ”Burke tells CNBC Make It.

Indeed, your sleeping environment – including your mattress, bedroom temperature, and lighting – can affect the quality of your sleep, and in turn affect your mental health.

According to the National Institutes of Health, a good night’s sleep helps your brain to create or maintain neural pathways that help you learn, make new memories, focus and react quickly. On the other hand, lack of sleep can intensify feelings of anxiety and tension.

At the beginning of Burke’s career, he recalls being “dirt spoiled” and living in a studio apartment in New York City. “I was sleeping on an air mattress, which is usually once a week, I have to return to Kmart because a hole will be found in it.”

Burke grew up in Missouri, but left home and dropped out of school at 15. He worked in various retail jobs in Colorado before moving to New York City in 2003, where he found another retail gig in Restoration Hardware and was introduced to interior design.

The first major purchase that Burke made with his tax refund was a proper mattress. “I remember just lying on that mattress [with] My two friends who went to New York with me from Denver, and we were like, ‘Oh my God, we’re rich. This is life. ‘”

“This bed was the most luxurious thing in the world for me, even though it wasn’t a super expensive bed,” Burke says. Depending on the material, size and features, a mattress can cost from $ 250 to $ 4,000.

Burke says that “anything to do with the bed” is worth spending something extra, such as fine sheets.

“You should get in bed every night, and when your feet touch those sheets, it should be when you wake up like you’re in a nice hotel,” Burke says. “When you are sleeping, you should have this mood and feeling [and] When you are awake, because you are ending your day and starting your day. ”

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