‘Furiosa’: Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth, Yahya Abdul-Matin II to star in ‘Mad Max’ spinoff

Although the film is not greenery, the casting put it on the path of making the project after years of teasing by fans of the film and Miller, who said he wanted to return to the character and the apocalyptic world.

Miller will co-write, create and produce the project, working with longtime production partner Doug Mitchell and his Australian-based Kennedy Miller Mitchell Banner.

Crazy max The films – initially started in 1979 with Mel Gibson with the lead, Max Rockatansky – were set in a dystopian society where life is cheap, vehicles ramshackles, strong rules weak, and justice, if it exists Is in your own hands.

After a trio of films in the 1980s, returned to the world with Miller Rage route, This time a young Max played by Tom Hardy and Furiosa played by Theron. Furiosa proved to be more than equal to Max and is struggling for a standalone for fans.

Taylor-Joy will play the character of Furiosa who is described as her origin. It is not clear who will play Hemsworth and Abdul-Matin II.

Also unclear is the timetable for the project, which is described in “Advance Development”. Hemsworth is due to start shooting Thor: Love and Thunder In January.

Taylor-Joy, m. Starred in Knight Shyamalan Split James appeared alongside McAvoy and also in the follow-up, The glass. He recently shot for Edgar Wright Last night in soho And currently shooting for Robert Egger Respondent. Earlier this month, she can be seen playing a unique role of chess in the miniseries Queen’s Gambit.

Hemsworth acted in this year Extraction, Which turned out to be one of Netflix’s biggest hits so far, while Abdul-Mateen II is currently setting a fourth film Mold The series and historical figure for Warner can be seen as Bobby Seeley Chicago 7 test.

Taylor-Joy is replaced by CAA, United Agents and Felker Tokzek. Hemsworth is retaken by CAA and Greenberg Glasker. Abdul-Matin II is retaken by WME, M88, Ziffren Brittenham.

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