Fundraising done to benefit residents of Coastal Bend with Parkinson’s – | Continuous coverage of news

Parkinson's disease presents a difficult path for anyone, but a local support group seeks to make things easier.

On Saturday, a local support group for Coastal Bend residents organized a large fundraiser to help those facing the disease. The event also benefits the Rock Steady Boxing Group, which helps people with Parkinson's and keep moving so their bodies do not get stiff.

Fundraising helps offset travel and medical expenses for people with the disease on the Costa Bend, from Kingsville to Rockport.

"I was diagnosed in 2009, and here, Corpus is the eighth largest city in Texas, and yet we do not have a moving specialist here in Corpus," Andy Morales, a president of the fundraiser, described.

The organizers said the lack of medical specialists in our area often means that people with Parkinson's should travel to places like Houston, San Antonio or Dallas to see a neurologist.

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