Fujifilm Announces New X-E4 Rangefinder and Super Compact GFX 100S Large Format Cameras

The illustration for the article titled Fujifilm GFX 100S is the company's most compact large format camera yetThe image: Fujifilm

Today at Fujifilm’s Global X Summit, the company announced two new cameras, including the new GFX 100S, the company’s most compact large-format camera yet.

Weighing in at 1.9 pounds, the GFX 100S is closer to the size of a traditional DSLR than its older siblings, the standard GFX 100. However, despite the body being 30 percent smaller, the GFX 100S still has a massive 102-MP sensor with a new improved in-body image stabilization system that saves up to 6-stops of shake reduction.

With so much of Fujifilm’s camera, the GFX 100S comes with 19 different film simulation filters, including the brand new nostalgic neg. The filter that looks to recreate the color and amber highlights of the vermilion seen in photographs from the 1970s.

Similar to its older siblings, the GFX 100S has a monochrome e-ink screen with a virtual dial on top, along with a new larger AF joystick, and a slightly new control wheel on the left that you get. XF-10. nearby There is also a 3.2-inch vari-angle touchscreen at the back that can be adjusted in three directions. And while the GFX 100S is designed primarily as a still camera, it also supports 4K video at up to 30 fps.

However, to make the GFX 100S so small, Fujifilm had to make some compromises, such as removing support for an optional battery grip. On the bright side, thanks to the use of a new NP-W235 battery, the GFX100S should be able to shoot about 460 photos on a single charge, compared to around 400 for the standard GFX100 (on one battery).

Alternatively, if 100-MP is more than you really need, Fujifilm is also launching the XE-4, which is like a cross between one X100 And X-s10 But not with stabilization in the body. Featuring a 26.1-MP sensor weighing just 0.8 pounds, Fujifilm says the XE-4 is the most compact camera that supports interchangeable lenses in the X-Series lineup.

Fujiflam claims that the XE-4 should offer a super-quick Autofocus display with support for both face and eye detection. However, for those looking for a flexible digital rangefinder with a few extra tricks, the most important feature of the X-E4 may be its 3-inch rear display, which can be flipped up to 180-degrees so that you can see it on the front Record Vogue-Style Videos Easily and Easily

And with support for 4K recording at 30 fps or full HD capture at 240 fps, users will have the option to choose between higher resolution or faster recording speeds for better slow-mo.

Finally, in addition to two new cameras, Fujifilm is also releasing three new lenses including a new 27mm f / 2.8 pancake lens, an 80mm f / 1.7 prime lens and a 70-300mm f / 4-5.6 telephoto lens. Is included.

Both cameras are expected to go on sale sometime in March, with the GFX 100S starting at $ 6,000 (body only), and the X-E4 priced at $ 850 (body only) or $ 1,050 as a 27mm f. / 4 going with the lens.


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