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Analysts say these 2 penny stocks may rise more than 300%

Risk and reward often travel hand-to-hand, making the stock market both attractive and dangerous. The best examples of this axiom are penny stocks, equities valued at $ 5 or less. That low price is likely to result in excessive profit, as even a small increase will turn into a high percentage gain. Eduardo Lakuburi, JP Morgan’s head of small and midcap equity strategy, sees both opportunities and threats in the current market environment – and there are huge potential for small-cap stocks with room to move. “Q1 could be rocky after a strong gain from November and the fact that valuations are sitting at an all-time high. However, the year-long approach is encouraging due to more powerful fundamental tailwinds. With such a positive background, investors are likely to chase some stocks that still offer large recoveries, as they seem to have started doing YTD. It is for this reason that we will encourage investors to build their portfolios and look at things through the event of any consolidation phase that could come up in Q1, “wrote Lakuburi. Considering the risk, we Used the TipRank database to find compelling. Penny stocks with bargain price tags. The platform led us to two tickers with a “strong buy” consensus rating from the analyst community. Significant potential is not mentioned on the table. We next 12 Talking of at least 300% returns in months, according to analysts. AcelRx Pharmaceuticals (ACRX) Opioids have made headlines in recent years and for all the wrong reasons. These powerful pain relievers are also dangerously addictive. – a factor that has led to the opioid epidemic in the US. AcelRx is a painkiller dedicated to the creation of safe treatments for acute pain, allowing synthetic opioid drugs for sublingual (under the tongue) doses. The company’s main product, Sufentanil, is developed in 2018. The name was approved by the FDA. Dzuveo the same year as the European Union. A second sublingual sufentanil system, known as Zalviso, has also been approved for use by the European Union, and is in Phase 3 trials in the US. In its most recent earnings report, the company showed $ 1.4 million on the top line, driven by it. $ 1.3 million in product sales. The sales figure was up 433% sequentially, and the total revenue figure was 133% year-over-year. According to this backdrop, many members of the Street believe ACRX’s $ 1.40 share price seems like a steal. Coror analyst Brandon Folkes is excited over Dsuvia’s prospects as a current opioid treatment option, and He believes the potential will boost the company’s stock. “With the launch of Dsuvia, we believe that investor focus can now shift to launching metrics and peak sales for the product. As ACRX IV launches a true alternative to opioids, we expect investors to start appreciating the value of the product. We believe that Dusavia would have improved the delivery of adequate pain treatment by eliminating the need for an aggressive and time-consuming IV set-up in the emergency room, as well as an outpatient or post-surgery setting. is. Despite the hospitalization taking time, we expect Dusavia to move forward to drive revenue beyond current projections of the road, which in turn could raise the stock higher than current levels, ”Folked opined.In Line With a stance from, Lok Rate ACRX buy one, and its $ 4 price target is room for an astonishing 552% upstream capacity over the next 12 months. (To see a folk track record, click here) Now Turn to Rest Street, 3Buse and No Holds or Sale has been published in the last three months. Therefore, ACRX has a strong Buy Consensus rating. Based on an average price target of $ 7, shares could rise 407% over the next year. (See ACRX stock analysis on TipRank) NuCana (NCNA) NuCana is a biopharma company focused on new cancer therapies. The company aims to provide effective treatment for bile, breast, colorectal, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer – while avoiding the complications and side effects of current chemotherapy treatments. NuCana uses a phosphorimate chemistry technique called ProTide to create a class of drugs that will extend the boundaries of existing nucleotide analogs behind many chemotherapy drugs. NuCana’s ProTides have already been used in Goliad’s antiviral drug Sovladi. In May last year, NuCana announced the resumption of its Phase III trial on the drug candidate Acelarin along the company’s pipeline as a treatment for biliary tract cancer. The study covers more than 800 patients in 6 countries and is currently underway. In November, the company published data from a Phase Ib study of the same drug described as ‘encouraging’. Hyal is the major drug in the aceline pipeline, with Nookna having two other possibilities under development. NUC-3373 is in Phase I trial as a treatment for solid tumors and colorectal cancer, and NUC-7738 is a second route under investigation for applications of advanced solid tumors. Of these three, colorectal study is the most advanced. From Truist, 5-Star analyst Robin Karnakos views the pipeline as NuCana’s investor potential. “We believe investors have overlooked the fact that NCNA is a platform company that we believe in. As defined by the production of valid, clinical products. We like that it has brought 3 products to the clinic , Which includes a novel drug and two improved cornerstone chemicals. The data suggest to us that the platform works and may produce better chemicals […] While investors are mostly focused on Eclarin, we believe investors should also focus on NUC-3373, another core to our platform-based thesis, which data is expected to be in 1H2021, “said Karnatka Noted. To this end, Carnescaw places a $ 22 price target on NHNA., Suggesting that there is room for 384% growth ahead of the buy-in as well as the stock. (To see Karnataka’s track record, click here Do) Overall, NCNA has a strong Buy consensus rating of Unanimous, and is based on 4 recent reviews. The average price target of the shares is $ 17.33, suggesting a 270-year upside from the current trading price of $ 4.69. (See NCNA Stock Analysis at TipRank) To find good ideas for penny stock trading at attractive valuations, buy TipRank’s Best Stocks, a newly launched tool that unites all of TipRank’s equity insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are only those of select analysts. Use of content is only for information purposes. To be done for purposes. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

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