FTC ties up with Flo Health on fertility-tracking app

Washington – The Federal Trade Commission entered into an agreement with Flo Health Inc., accusing the developer of a widely used term and fertility-tracking app of improperly sharing personal data with Facebook and others , In which users were ovulating.

Data shared by Flow Health has often allowed online advertisements to target users despite Flow Health’s promises that the information will be kept private, The Wall Street Journal 2019 article found.

The agency said Wednesday that the FTC’s vote on the proposed settlement was 5–0. The agency said that the proposed agreement with the FTC, if it becomes final after public comment, would require Flo Health to have an independent review of its privacy practices and to allow users to consent before sharing their health information. The commissioners said that the company should also inform consumers of the FTC fee that it shared consumers’ personal information without their consent.

A spokesman for Flo said in a statement, the company cooperating with the FTC, “We are committed to ensuring that the privacy of our users’ personal health data is absolutely paramount.”

The company emphasized that it does not share users’ names, addresses, or birthdays, and that its agreement with the FTC was not a wrongful entry, but that it “avoided the time and expense of litigation and … Decisively allowed to implement it. We have a point. “


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