Ft. Lauderdale police move to remove Brad Parscale from guns for a year

  • Brad Parscale could be stripped of his guns for up to a year.
  • Police filed a risk protection order to keep Purscale’s guns away for at least two weeks.
  • According to police, Parscale, who served as manager of the Trump 2020 relection campaign until he was demonetized in July, was involuntarily hospitalized on Sunday and said he took out a gun and threatened to harm himself, police According to.
  • Police said they arrived at the scene and his wife Candice received bruises on her arms and face.
  • Candice told police that her husband had a post-traumatic stress disorder and according to the police report, she was engulfed in a dispute a few days earlier.
  • The Risk Protection Order states that Parsley’s “drinking and violent behavior has increased since he was demoted to his employment.”
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Ft. Lauderdale police have been moving to move Brad Parscale of his guns for at least two weeks and possibly under a Florida “red flag” law after a change in his home on Sunday for a year Led swat officer.

The police filed a risk protection order by an insider stating that Parsley Pose was “in his custody or control or in possession or purchase, possessing or receiving or receiving any ammunition or any ammunition A significant threat ”ammunition. “Law enforcement seized 11 guns from Parscale after Sunday’s incident.

By law, police have 14 days to file a petition to keep Parsley’s firearms away from him for one year, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

According to police, Parcel, who works as the manager of President Donald Trump’s campaign until July, was involuntarily hospitalized on Sunday before being demonetized and told to take out a gun himself Threatens to harm. The risk protection order stated that Parsley’s “drinking and violent behavior increased when he became occupant of his employment.”

As previously reported, police arrived at Parcel’s Florida-based residence to answer the 911 call of his wife, Candice, who was found and told that she had threatened to attempt suicide, according to a police report. Candice told police that her husband has a post-traumatic stress disorder, which recently occurred violently, and according to the report, she suffered an injury a few days earlier during a prior altercation with her.

Parschel stepped down from the Trump campaign on Wednesday. “I am getting away from my company and any role in the campaign to focus on my family and get help to deal with the huge stress,” Parscale said in a statement provided by POLITICO.

Candice also denied that her husband had ever physically abused her in a statement to Politico. “The statements I made on Sunday have been misreported, let it be clear that my husband was not violent towards me that day or any day before,” she said.

A risk protection order filed by the police tells a different story, describing Candice as “afraid for her life”. Police reports on the incident were also stated otherwise.

Talking with Candace Parscale [sic] I noted several sizable charges on both of his hands, his cheeks and forehead, “an answering officer wrote in the report.” When I asked how he was hurt, Candace Parsley said that Brad Parsley hit him. ”

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