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Frostpunk is hot, selling 250,000 copies in less than 3 days

Independent developer 11 Bit Studios announced today that its newest Frostpunk game has sold 250,000 copies in 66 hours since its launch. The grim survival simulator came out on April 24 for PC and confronts the players against the elements as they try to build a city and a society that can withstand the extreme cold of a global glacial era. Due to its success, the studio is committed to updating the game with expansions and more scenarios in the future.

Like the previous title of 11 Bit Studios, This War of Mine, the Players have to be tough decisions to stay alive. You are in charge of a small group of people, and you must harvest resources to build your city and keep your steam technology running so that not everyone will die of cold as the temperature plummets. You send scouts to the frozen wasteland to search for other survivors and discover why the world has become a giant tundra.

Meanwhile, the business of life comes with moral decisions, as if you decreed or not that all children should work in mines, whether you govern your society in miniature as a totalitarian regime, or if you allow wounded die so you do not have to bother feeding them. Frostpunk is a management simulator that will guide you with the options you have to take, and then hit you once again when you realize later how easy it is to do them.

"We intend to polish some rough edges of the original game: you are reporting some problems with balance difficulties, with minor errors and things like that," 11 Bit Studios said in a statement on their Steam community page . "We want to fix that! We also plan to add more modes and scenarios to the game, what exactly will they be? It's too early to announce, but you should be excited, and yes, we also have an enclosure / endless mode in mind."

Frostpunk is grim and continually presents you with difficult decisions. But it is also addictive and hints at the need to explore a rich world, and it seems that it will continue to expand even when the nights are getting colder.

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