The now infamous scribbled guy from Walmart prepares to take the stage in Coachella.

Dust settled in the six days of Coachella. And most of it has settled in our lungs and shoes.

The Coachella Coverage Squadron of the Desert Sun part of the USA TODAY NETWORK. UU., He's been watching bands, enjoying art, eating food and rubbing sweaty elbows burned by the sun with the crowds. and it's time to look back on this year's festival.

He will be remembered as Beychella, but since I am a guy who likes to take the road less traveled, I tried to call everyone Coach-oncé. Without sale

Anyway, here are our favorite moments and memories of Coachella 2018.

1. Sunset with David Byrne

Byrne was great on weekends, but it was at the weekend performance of 2 when he saw "Once In a Lifetime" at the same time as one of those classic Coachella Valley sunsets over the San Jacinto Mountains. Once in a life of fact. – Shad Powers

2. One slice and Alt-J

Two moments come to mind. My first piece of spicy pie (of the year) on Friday and when alt-J played their big hit Breezeblocks that was the first of their songs that I heard and ignited my love for the British indie trio. – Corrine Kennedy

3. A light show Jarre-ing

Experiencing the pulsating electronic music of Jean-Michel Jarre as rays of light projected onto the audience, encapsulating us as if we were in an LED light house, was my first incredible moment of the festival. The translucent plans created a ceiling over the audience, but you could see palm trees oscillating in the background, punctuating the French pioneer's statements about the environment. – Bruce Fessier

4. Slim Shady still has it

Standing next to this 30-year-old male who recited every line of Eminem's rap song, Stan with unbridled enthusiasm, made me appreciate Eminem even more than what I thought I would do I really like Eminem's later material, where he revealed himself as a good father who learned about rehabilitation. Therefore, I was not terribly excited to go down memory lane. But seeing this rap guy along with that brio impressed me. I mean, I can not remember all the words for Jingle Bells . – Bruce Fessier

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April 15, 2018; Indio, CA, USA UU; Eminem performs at the Coachella Valley Art and Music Festival at Empire Polo Club. Mandatory Credit: Zoe Meyers / The Desert Sun through USA TODAY NETWORK (Photo: Zoë Meyers, The Desert Sun-USA Today Network)

5. A new Zeppelin?

Greta Van Fleet is the second coming of Led Zeppelin? It certainly sounded like that. But with new enthusiasm. We've been debating whether that makes them derivative, but independently, their sound and energy are contagious, and I have not been so enthusiastic about a classic rock band since The Black Crowes appeared on the scene. – Kate Franco

6. Celebrating!

Although the large number of parties celebrated during the Coachella weekend 1 are not sanctioned by the festival, they are part of the culture. One of my favorite moments of the festival was to attend the #RevolveFestival at Merv Griffin Estate in La Quinta. After a 30-minute trip from the Indio Fashion Mall to the upscale urbanization, I was greeted with a carnival swing ride borrowed from Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch and the best people I've ever seen. Live music and delicious cocktails also helped. The only regret was not being there on Sunday when Snoop Dogg and Chance the Rapper showed up. – Xochitl Pena

7. Perfectly played on the second Friday

With The Weeknd and Jamiroquai playing at the same time, I chose Jamiroquai the first weekend and it was great. Fun dance party to the end and Canned Heat (song by Napoleon Dynamite) for a dance throughout the store. Armed with that knowledge, on the weekend 2 I saw the first 85 percent of The Weeknd, which was really good. A moment of explosion of fireworks that coincides with a fall of heartbeat during I can not feel my face gave me chills. Then I went back to the Mojave store to see the last minutes of Jamiroquai and they treated me not only Canned Heat but Virtual Insanity who did not play in Weekend 1. Perfect execution if I say it myself . – Shad Powers

8. Buzzin & # 39; with Bey

"Can you keep up?" That's the initial letter of Destiny & # 39; s Child & # 39; s Lose my Breath . And I could barely keep up the pace during Beyoncé's performances, both in Weekend 1 and in 2. I'm a big fan of the queen, a member of Beyhive if you want. But this was the first time I saw Bey perform in person (I know, pity me). This was the show I always wanted to see: a reunion of Destiny's Child, a different version of his hymn of rupture Sorry and many examples to dance. Some of the most important distinctions about the performances were his beautiful tribute to the black culture and a recognition to all the "independent women" of the audience. – Briyoncé aka Brian De Los Santos

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9. Portugal. The Man and The Beatles

It was one of Coachella's last moments of this year, but it was one of the best. At the end of Portugal. The Man & # 39; s rad was presented on Sunday afternoon at Weekend 2, for seemingly without reason, they entered the song Hey, Jude . As you can imagine, the whole field was singing together "Naaaa, Na, Na, Na-Na-Na Na!" I had not felt that way because Paul McCartney himself did the same in 2009. – Xochitl Pena

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