Frogwares claims its publisher Nacon hacked its game

The dispute between Frogwares, the study behind The sinking city, and its publisher, Nacon, has sunk to new depths. Near the end of February, Frogwares told fans not to buy the game on Steam, because the product was “not created” by the team. More recently, the Parisian company Nacon rebutted by telling fans that the Steam version was “official and complete.” But now, Frogware has new accusations: as the study says, Nacon hacked and sold The sinking city to include it on Steam.

On March 1, Frogwares clarified the original claim in a very technical post illustrating why the team believes Nacon hacked and hacked their game. Also, according to the Frogwares post, “[Nacon’s] The release removed all the achievements we made, thus removing a key feature of the Steam community. “

Nacon responded to the allegations through a post on Steam. “Frogwares persists in interrupting the release of The sinking city“Says the post. The post then goes on to describe Nacon’s involvement during the development of The sinking city as the financing and commercialization of the project.

Nacon’s statement also attempts to refute claims that the version on Steam is not a full version of the game, but also says that it was unable to integrate Steam-specific features such as cloud saves and achievements “due to lack of cooperation with Frogwares. . “

Polygon reached out to both parties for comment and will update the story when more information becomes available.

The two companies have been fighting each other for quite some time. The game originally launched in the summer of 2019, but then disappeared from most online stores in August 2020 due to a dispute over royalties. Taking similar action then as it did today, Frogwares made its complaints public by publishing a letter claiming that Nacon owed the studio “approximately € 1 million.”

In October, the Paris Court of Appeal issued an initial ruling saying that Frogwares illegally terminated its contract and ordered Frogwares to “refrain from taking any action for breach of this contract, [and to] refrain from any action that prevents this continuation ”. That decision led Nacon, in early January, to ask distributors to start selling The sinking city again in certain online stores, such as the Xbox Store.

To start selling the game again, Nacon says he needed Frogwares to deliver a full version of The sinking city, something he tried to enforce through the use of lawyers. But, according to Frogwares, Nacon’s lawsuits could not actually be approved in court. The fight over whether Frogwares needs to deliver a “master” version of the game is ongoing and could take years.

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