Friends of Prince Harry say he is more than the “Heartbroken” Royal Order

However it may seem Prince harry And Meghan Markle Having found a little piece of paradise in California, his friend has revealed that Prince is indeed “heartbroken” over the “painful” drama within his family.

It was a year when Harry and Meghan stepped in as senior royals. Over the summer, the new parents moved to Montekito, California with their 1-year-old son. Archie And signed entertainment deals with Netflix and Spotify.

However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will probably not be Scotch-free. His friends, journalists Tom bradby, Talked about the couple’s strained relationship with the royal family in a new interview for ITV Love your weekend, Which airs as of Sunday The people.

Brady acknowledged 36-year-old Harry, “heartbroken by the situation with his family,” which he mentions is “clearly not ideal,” adding, “It’s been a very difficult year for all of them is.”

He said, “The whole thing has just been incredibly painful, which is obvious to everyone. It’s painful all round, painful for everyone, difficult to manage.”

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