‘Fresh Prince’ Reunion: Discuss Janet Hubert, Will Smith Food [PHOTOS]

The last guest is only with RSVPHBO HBO Max New prince of bel air Reunion Special. Janet Hubert, whose issues behind Will-Smith led to her initial departure as the original Aunt Viv, is on camera with Smith for the first time in 27 years.

Smith shared two behind-the-scenes looks from the highly anticipated special on Thursday, with a sentimental shot (above) in which they sat quietly. He also shared this shot of other artists participating in the reunion: Tatyana Ali (Ashley), Karan Parsons (Hillary), Joseph Marcel (Geoffrey), Daphne Maxwell Reid (Aunty Viv No. 2, DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jazz)) And Alphonso Ribeiro (Carlton). Sadly, James Avery – who played the beloved family patron Philip Banks – died in 2013.

The reunion is expected to begin sometime around Thanksgiving. Check out Smith’s group photo (appears to be a recreation of the set of the show below):

According to the official release of HBO Max, Smith surprised the rest of the cast while filming the reunion special that he filmed a separate conversation with Hubert. The experience was described as “an emotional reunion and a candid conversation” 27 years in the making.

Smith and Hubert’s personal and professional relationships have been well documented over the years. The actress also discussed this in her 2009 book Perfection is not a sitcom mom. to say that Fresh prince Fans did not expect Hubert to appear at this reunion.

In other Fresh prince News, Mayur recently ordered two sessions Bel air, A dramatic reunion of the classic sitcom. The project is based on a viral parody trailer by Morgan Cooper, which features Smith as an executive producer.

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