‘French Twin’ wife asks for public support

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The wife of Yisroel Gurion, who entertained thousands as one of ‘The Twins of France’, is talking about his struggle with mental illness and his current incarceration instead of receiving medical treatment in a hospital. Full story, video

Yisroel Gurion, a 31-year-old father of 3 young children who has entertained thousands of people as one of “The Twins of France”, currently suffers from a serious mental illness that began several years ago.

His wife is talking about the situation and emphasizing that his illness started out of nowhere.

The broken system put him in prison instead of a hospital leaving him without treatment, allowing his condition to deteriorate. Now he faces a potentially very severe prison sentence.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in one of the purest forms of pidyon shvuyim available. In Bava Basra (8b) he says that captivity is worse than hunger and death. Please open your heart and pocket and give everything you can to help this man out of captivity and into a facility where he can receive the treatment he so desperately needs.

Support this case of pidyon shvuyim and a mitzvah of the highest magnitude – click here

VIDEO: His wife talks about the situation.

The public is asked to reign for Yisroel Shimon ben Adit Rochel.

Support the family’s battle for him at thechesedfund.com

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