French police raid Islamic unions amid scuffle with teacher

French police raided Islamic unions on Monday and foreigners suspected of having extremist religious beliefs – when teacher Samuel Patty was placed outside his school in the Paris suburb.

Petty, 47, was murdered for 18 days, with 18-year-old Abdulakh Anjorov giving the Chechen refugee a 10-year residence in France last March.

After the attack, Anjorov confronted the police responding with an air-gun rifle – and shouted “Allahu Akbar”, or “God the Great” in Arabic – as officers opened fire, leading to his death.

Enzorov attempted to get naked during a class on the freedom of expression of 13-year-olds to avenge Patty Mohammed’s use of caricatures. Muslims consider any depiction of the Prophet to be blasphemous.

The cartoons in question were published by Charlie Hebdo, which was attacked by Muslim extremists in 2015 on karsevaks – at the time 12 people were killed and mass demonstrations took place.

Public figures have called the killing on Friday an attack on the Republic and French values.

Interior Minister Gerald Dermannin said he was determining whether to dissolve around 50 unions of the Muslim community, and that some 80 investigations were being conducted online in disgust.

The minister told Europe, “Police operations have taken place and more than tens of people will follow.”

A police source said on Sunday that the country was preparing to put 213 foreigners on the government watch list, suspected of having extremist convictions – about 150 of whom are serving jail sentences.

According to a security source, the deportation was already operating before Friday’s attack.

24 hours after Patty’s murder, 10 people were detained in connection with the attack.

Among them, according to the prosecution, Patty had the father of a student at the school and another man on the intelligence services radar who allegedly used social media to campaign against the teacher.

The second person has been identified as Morocco-born Abdelhakim Seiruoi according to a judicial source.

Sefriuoi has been on the watchlist of French intelligence services for more than 15 years, according to security sources, and has used social media to describe what he calls “Islamaphobia”.

Marching in Paris on Sunday, paying tribute to Pati, “Jae Suis Distinguished,” or “I am a teacher.”

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