French Muslim calls for removal of poster of ‘Borat’ bus in Paris

Risqué posters for the new “Borat” flick have sparked outrage among French Muslims who have asked for images to be removed from the sides of buses in Paris.

To promote the poster “Borat Sabertant Movemilm”, a nearly naked true Baron Cohen has worn only a medical mask around his genitals and a ring with the word “Allah” written in Arabic.

Critics have called for the removal of advertisements from the city’s transport authority as they insult the religion of Islam.

French media reported that large-scale Muslim bus drivers in the area have also scrapped the film’s campaign and called for the removal of posters.

Meanwhile, the campaign was slammed on social media as “outrageous”, “provocative” and “lacking respect”, the Sun reported, citing Le Parisien.

Paris’s main public transport network RATP declined to remove the posters, saying it would “not under any circumstances” remove the campaign from our network, Le Parisien reported.

The Daily Mail reported that the film ad has been removed from buses on the TICE network covering Avery, a southern suburb with a Muslim Muslim population.

Nevertheless, the RATP denied that it had left the posters out of concern for the Muslim community, and claimed that the decision was made because their aggressive humor was deemed inappropriate by TICE management, according to the news outlet “.


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