Free Stadia Demo for Amar: Phenix Rising, Pac-Man

This week, Stadia is bringing a jam-pack to a video event series with three days of game announcements and exclusive demos that they dubbed “Good Stuff”. Today, Google has wrapped up three new exclusive Stadia demos, including Immortals: Phenix Rising.

Although fans of Stadia have no doubt that there are few more free games to enjoy, today’s event is clearly aimed at those who have not tried Stadia before. To that end, all three demos are playable with a free Stadia account and do not require a Pro subscription or credit card.

The first demo is for Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle, which takes on Pac Man’s beloved gameplay and combines the help of Battle Royale Fun. You can jump into the Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle for free between now and 27 October.

Jump into Elimination Mode, one of the two game genres available in the full game, and play head-to-head in 64-player Last-Pac-Man-Standing battles! The PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle features new power-ups, a variety of character customizations and mazes, and a new spectator mode that allows players to impress with the game.

We then have an upcoming 4X strategy game from Employment Studios for Mankind, Stadia and PC, which helps you prepare the whole story of how civilization should be made and helps humanity overall. From October 21 to 28, Mankind is available to play for free on Beta Stadia.

Expand your empire, discover new techniques, build diplomatic relationships, and fully master tactical battles within a 4X game of monumental proportions. HUMANKIND is a historical, turn-based strategy game where you will rewrite the entire story to create a civilization of mankind that is as unique as you are.

Closing the event, starting on Thursday, Stadia players will be able to fly in a demo for Ubisoft Quebec’s upcoming Immortal: Phenix Rising – formerly known as “Gods and Monsters” – A breath of wild aviation exploration adventure based on Greek mythology

The Greeks play as a new winged Danics on a quest to save the gods and their home from a dark curse. Take on mythical animals, master the mythical powers of the gods, and defeat the deadliest titan in Greek mythology in an epic battle for the ages.

Each game’s demo will be available for only one week after launch, which should be more than enough time for all three games to be available.

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