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Free PlayStation Plus PS4 games for August possibly leaking

It's possible that the August PlayStation Plus free games have been leaked, and if the filtering is accurate, then the PS4 players will be very happy with the month's offer. While looking for new PS4 games to play on the PlayStation Store, a PS4 user claim has two games that were tagged with the free PlayStation Plus label, suggesting that Sony Interactive Entertainment had pressed a button ahead of time for some users. Of course, since games usually do not have this label, they can be free games. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be delivered next month.

So, what are games? Star Wars Battlefront II duck EA Sports UFC 3. The forms are obviously infamous for being one of the most controversial games of this generation for their disorder in the booty. However, it has been imported over the years and has a solid player base. Meanwhile, if you like the UFC, then the EA series is really all you have to play. Fortunately, it seems that most of the UFC fans or at least are satisfied with that. That said, both have been discounted regularly and deeply in recent months, which means that many have already picked up at least one of them. The last time Sony introduced a sports game in the offer, which was for this month's offer, he had to go back and offer and the last game in the last minute after the reaction.

All this being said, this must be taken with a large grain of salt, not only because it is an unofficial leak, but because the source is a bit of bad quality. The news comes through the publication of Glitched Africa, which claims to have received the photos of the PS4 user mentioned above.

At the time of publication, we are approximately mid-July, which means we should hear about the August offer, probably in a couple of weeks. Normally, the alignment is revealed in the last days of the previous month.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment that lets us know what you think or put me on Twitter. @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know about it. Would you be happy with August's offer if these were two games?


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