Free Game Alert: Rage 2 on PC is yours for the taking

Rage 2 It is a pastiche of best shooters that have been released in the last decade, but that aspect of its design hides a big secret for people looking for hidden gems: the combat and the feeling of power of the weapons and skills of the game is almost incomparable. in games now. It’s the perfect free video game, if you’re in the mood for a first-person shooter. Which is great news, because it’s currently free on the Epic Games Store.

Rage 2History is a messy mess that I won’t even try to describe; Let’s say you play as a chosen one with special powers and leave it at that. You explore a somewhat open world, find new weapons, progress through the tech tree, and unlock a host of supernatural abilities as you battle The Authority. You just know they’re bad with a name like that. The aesthetic of the game suggests something like splatterpunk, evoking the violent nihilism of the Borderlands series.

The original Fury It was a pretty mediocre shooter from id Software, and John Carmack himself later apologized directly for his PC’s performance. So there wasn’t much that Avalanche Studios and id Software could get out of it for the sequel. You don’t have to worry about knowing the story beats of the first game to enjoy this one; it is easily forgotten and nothing of value is lost.

You may never care why you are doing something in Rage 2, or who exactly you’re chasing, but the combat itself shines like a beacon. Or at least, it does once you collect some of the best weapons and abilities and get them nice and leveled. The interface doesn’t always make it easy, but it’s worth the hassle.

“I can use an ability to throw enemies backwards, crash them against walls or between them,” I wrote in our original review. “I can use another ability to force enemies to float in the air, pulling other elements towards them like the gravitational pull of a very small black hole. I can turn into a human grenade and crash to the ground, reducing everyone around me to a stain of blood. I can improve my ability to jump high in the air until I can basically scale the steep-looking cliff face by pressing the jump button. “

This combination of abilities, as well as brutally powerful sounding and feeling weapons in action, makes Rage 2 in a creative playground of violence. How you kill people is up to you, and you can spend a lot of time on menus creating a fun loadout to get out and just screw the shit out.

Rage 2 It was a tough sell when it launched at $ 59.99, but for the cost of zero dollars, you should definitely grab it. It’s a game that exists within a generic shell of attitude and fake nervousness, and that can be annoying. But it can also be fun to laugh at the common game tropes and silly narrative excuses of how your player character became the most powerful fighter on the battlefield.

Regardless, hidden within this OK game is one of the best examples of weapon design and selection I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m always interested in seeing my arsenal grow and interact with the world as I go along and kill everyone I see to… do whatever I’m trying to do. There has never been a better time to take all your frustrations out on virtual baddies who are happy to die by the thousands.

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