Free from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Crispy Cram if you are under food stress on election day and you can vote in all 50 states

Happy Election Day Marketwatchers. Do not miss these top stories:

What time will the elections close? Latest here you can vote in all 50 states

Reminder: You are allowed to vote even if you are in the queue to vote when the polling place is closed.

According to the New York Times chart, Karen could tip the scales in favor of Biden

The New York Times sorted the battlefield voting data by first names of voters. Here’s what I found.

I have about $ 600,000 in student loans after obtaining four college degrees. Can i still buy a house?

The coronovirus epidemic has complicated the process so that mortgage lenders can reduce home loans for people with student loans.

Stress-eating through Election Day? Grab McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Crispy Cram for free

Election Day rest food discounts abound as US anxiety peaks at 2020 vote

About 15 million Americans lost employer-based health insurance. Here’s how to regain health coverage

“Whatever the court does, people who sign up for insurance now will get insurance and chances are they will keep it for a while,” said Health Policy Expert Stan Dorn of Families USA.

‘Diversified approaches lead to better decision making’: Ariel Investments’ John Rogers Jr. inspired the corporate board for its’ Jackie Robinson moment ‘.

Black homes are almost twice as likely to not have stock market investment, a recent study suggests.

‘We are in a dilemma’: a battleground in Wisconsin, coronavirus cases before the presidential election

‘If you are afraid of getting sick from COVID-19, you are a Democrat. But if you’re afraid of a lockdown that will ruin your business, well, you’re a Republican. ‘

Homeowners in Republican areas are more likely to be underwater on their mortgage

The average home price in areas represented by Democrats in Congress is nearly double the price of homes in Republican parts of the country, a new study says.

Trump and Biden voters tell MarketWatch their money concerns behind their choice for president

“One day I was working and the next day I came to know that I could never work again.”

‘O reviser, bon dare!’ Lockdown 2.0 begins with Parisians resigning

The ‘renewed debate around secularism and separatism’ sparked this decline, increased social tensions, and coincided with several violent attacks. ‘

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More than 100 million Americans voted in the 2020 election

Election Day is Tuesday, but more than 100 million Americans have already cast their ballots, surpassing the initial votes totaling approximately 58 million for the 2016 election.

Trump, after historic election performance, engaged in American line to decide between Biden

Voters around the US were going to elect their choice on Tuesday for President Donald Trump or his challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, after a bitterly contested campaign fighting the damage to the economy by a coronovirus epidemic.

Historians who have accurately called every election since 1984 say that Biden will defeat Trump in the 2020 race

Historians, fondly known as the grandfather of the model predicting the president, say Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is a shoo-in to win the 2020 presidential race.

This single-country stock picker has outpaced the S&P 500 in the last 10 years. Their strategy can help you diversify

“You can still find great investment ideas in Japan,” says Masa Takeda of Hennessy Japan Fund.

US election brings win-loss scenario in oil and energy sector

Neither candidate is expected to win an absolute victory for the energy market, with Republican Donald Trump re-elected as President of the United States or Democrat Joe Biden winning the election. What is good for the energy sector – including oil producers – is not necessarily good for oil prices.

You should not believe that this is all about the stock market bubble – here’s why

According to this formula the S&P 500 does not come close. But there is at least one individual stock that does: Tesla.


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