Free agent John Lester spends $ 47K on beer for Chicago fans in a possible farewell –

Free agent John Lester spends $ 47K on beer for Chicago fans in a possible farewell

CHICAGO – If free-agent hurler John Lester pitches his last game for the Chicago Cubs, he is going on a high note with fans. Lester, 36, bought beer for patrons at four Chicago bars on Halloween Weekend, tweeting his tab, which included a 34% tip, at the same number he wore his uniform.

Lester spent $ 47,094.90 between Friday and Sunday, including $ 31,082.63 at Miller Lights and $ 16,012.27 at gratuity.

His Monday tweet comes on the fourth anniversary of the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years. Lester was the co-MVP of October’s NLCS.

“What we wanted to do was to brainstorm [for the fans], “Lester said on Friday on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. Couple friends and I were talking and we always came back to it.”

Lester is considered one of the best free-agent signs the city has ever had. He left more money on the table to sign a $ 155 million deal with the Cubs before the 2015 season. He helped them to the World Series Championship the following season.

“It’s awesome to be a part since Day 1,” Lester said. “They made my family feel like family and accepted us from the beginning. It’s a fun ride, and hopefully the ride isn’t over.”

The Cubs offered a $ 25 million option on his contract over the weekend, but the sides say there is still a chance he could return to a reduced deal. Lester has stated publicly that he wants to win his 200th career game as a cube; He just needs seven more wins.

“I know there is some doubt as far as money is concerned, but I think we can definitely accomplish this,” Lester said. “I think it’s going to be a long holiday for everyone.”

Lester won 77 games for the Cubs in six years but had a 5.16 ERA in the short season 2020. He has been a postson stalwart, compiling a career 2.51 ERA.


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