Fred Savage: Here’s how I wasn’t part of the princess bride’s wealth collection

Several members of the cast of the 1987 fantasy comedy film The Princess Bride almost reunited on Sunday night at the Zoom Fundraiser for the Wisconsin Democrats. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report, more than 110,000 people donated at least $ 1 to cast members to read through the script. But a prominent member of the Princess Bride family, star Fred Savage, was missing – and now he has to explain why.

Savage played the role of the anonymous “grandson” in the film, with actor Peter Falk telling him the story that becomes the film. During Sunday’s foundation, Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard read Savage’s lines. It sent social media users on a wild guessing game as to why Savage was not involved, sparking some speculation about his political leanings and others wondering if he had died.

“The entire Internet ‘Fred Savage: Dead or Republican?” (Now), “wrote a Twitter user.

Director Rob Rainer said that all the members of the speculation were attended to attend who were still alive. But the 44-year-old Savage has not died and he confirmed that in Monday’s Instagram post.

Savage posted a picture of his childhood with his younger brother, actor Ben Savage, writing, “Want to feel old ?? My brother is 40 years old! It was a lot of fun celebrating with him last night! … And while I always am! ” Princess Bride is proud to be part of the family, sometimes a real-life family comes first. “

Next for Savage: He will direct a Reboot of his famous sitcom, The Wonder Years, which will focus on a black family.